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VIAIR Air Compressors

VIAIR has been offering the most complete line of 12 volt and 24 volt air compressors for the off road and on road market. Each compressor and components has been engineer to be top quality and used in the OEM segment. These fractional horsepower DC oil-less compressors can be use anywhere from filling a tire to using with air lockers and air horns. A VIAIR compressor have become the industry standard for the automotive aftermarket application worldwide. VIAIR goal is to deliver not only performance but reliability and value to their customers. All compressors come with a one year warranty to help protect against defects in workmanship and materials.

The VIAIR “C” air compressors will help with filling air tanks. Models like VIAIR 480C and VIAIR 380C will feature a stainless steel braided leader hose as well as a check valve. Each unit does not have an ON/OFF switch but a pressure switch and relay are required. The check valve will help with keeping the compressor from restarting when it is under pressure. This would normally create an amp draw spike which can cause the motor to be damage. What makes the “C” model unique is each compressor is equipped with a thermal overload protector. This will help with shutting the unit down whenever it is overheated. Once the compressor has cool down it will automatically restart.

The VIAIR “H” air compressors will use an air line and open end air chuck to help with filling tires. Each unit will come equipped with an onboard ON/OFF switch and a stainless steel braided leader hose which features an open end quick connect stud that is install on the end of the hose. The VIAIR air compressor will be installed in your vehicle using the appropriate gauge wiring which will give you distance from the power source. Just like the “C” model, a thermal overload protector will help with shutting the compressor down when it is overheating then restarting when it has cool down.

The industrial grade air compressors from VIAIR are designed to fill air reservoir tanks. Each unit like the VIAIR 450C-ig will feature a specialized head assembly which will include a patent pending intercooler for higher heat dissipation. To help protect the compressor from outside elements, each unit features a powerful sealing. A stainless steel braided PTFE-lined leader hose and a check valve assembly are included. The check valve assembly will eliminate high amperage restarts which will help protect the air compressor. It is require that you use a pressure switch when operating the IG compressor as this will allow you to use the maximum working pressure and relay.

Portable air compressor can be extremely valuable for anyone looking for a quick solution on the go and looking for an instant air source. VIAIR portable compressors will include an open ended air delivery hose. Models like VIAIR 300P and VIAIR 400P will feature a quick connect coupling, a pressure gauge and air filter element with replaceable air filtration media. Vibration resistant sand tray and a deluxe carry bag are also included. A portable compressor will help with tire inflation.

Looking for a compressor that will fill your air tank? VIAIR Dual Performance Valve Packs will include two popular compressors to help provide air to your tank. Models like VIAIR 480C dual pack will feature two heavy duty 40 amp relays and a cut off VIAIR pressure switch which will make installation very simple and painless. Each unit will also come with a remote mount filter assemblies as well as mounting hardware and will fill tank volumes up to 10 gallons.

VIAIR Air Source Kit will provide you with an all in one air source that will include either a 1.5 gallon or a 2.0 gallon air tank and a 150 PSI or a 200 PSI air compressor. These kits will help provide air to your air horns or other moderate pneumatic needs. Each compressor will be mounted atop the air tank and will feature a drain valve, a safety valve, pressure switch and a 1/2" NPT outlet port with a compression fitting that is ready for a 3/8” air line.

The VIAIR Onboard Air Systems is perfect for anyone looking for an air source for their air horns or air lockers. For compress air storage, a large tank is included and will provide up to 100% duty cycle and give you an increase air volume. Kits like the VIAIR 10007 will come with a compressor, air tank, fittings, pressure switch, relay, electrical connectors and accessories. You can accomplish many tasks with this on board air compressor complete kit of parts including tire inflation and air tool use.

The VIAIR 2on2 Bolt-On Platform Air Compressor will help with tire inflation, air tools, load levelers, air horns and air locks. Each unit features two high output compressors that are mounted to a 2.0 gallon, 5 port air tank. This high speed onboard air system will provide you with either 150 PSI or 200 PSI maximum pressure. All required components to help you install these kits are included. VIAIR offers model specific kits for the 2007-2011 Jeep JK with a crossmember mounting bracket as well as universal kits with a universal mount. Also included is a wiring harness that is easy to install and manifold which will help with making the wiring and plumbing rather easy.

The VIAIR Automatic Deployment Air System will use a 12 port extruded aluminum air tank and either a VIAIR 400C or VIAIR 450C air compressor to help provide you with tire inflation and air lockers. Each unit will come with a pressure switch, automatic coupler and a digital tire inflation kit. A wiring harness will make installation very easy and provide you with a plug and play install. Kits for the 2007-2011 Jeep JK will include a brake booster mounting bracket while the universal kits will not.

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