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Air Lift Analog Control System - Standard Duty Compressor (Single Path Gauge)

Air Lift

Model: 25850
by Air Lift
5 stars 4.8/5Read Reviews

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Air Lift is the leader in on board air control systems. This is their single path analog control system that comes complete with a standard duty compressor and single gauge control panel.

Single path control will provide the ability to control two air springs equally and inflate the air bags at the same time.

This system also comes with a low pressure sensor that will automatically activate the air compressor if the spring pressure falls below the safe level.

  • Single Path Control
  • Standard Compressor 16060
  • 2 Year Warranty
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  • CFM @ 0 PSI: .79
  • AMP: 7
  • Max PSI: 100
  • Duty Cycle @ 100 PSI: 20%

25850 Instructions

Air Lift 25850 Standard Duty Compressor FAQ with SD Truck Springs

Q: Should i deflate the air springs when im not using them?
A: Be sure to maintain minimum air pressure (5 psi) at all times. Deflating the bags all the way can permanently damage your vehicle.

CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning
Customer Reviews
5 stars 4.8 / 5This item is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 24 customer reviews.
5 of 5 Stars

by Urban s

Good quality system, works well as described and easy to install. No leaks after 6 months, it holds the air pressure. Would buy again

4 of 5 Stars

by Robert G

System works very well. Highly recommend it. System is easily installed and we had unit fully functional in about two hours System is worth the cost. There was dramatic results in towing after the install..

5 of 5 Stars

by Tom A

works great and easy to install. would buy this again

5 of 5 Stars

by Lola H

You guys have the actual best product out there. Bought this for my 91 GMC 1/2 ton and took a trip pulling my 30 foot camper close to 1300 miles with not a worry. Never sagged, never had to add air. Fantastic way to lift your truck to compensate the weight of the trailer tongue. 550 lbs. Tongue weight and 5,500 lbs camper weight with no problem. Shipping was fast and free. I'm 60 & my husband is 62 and we put them on the truck ourselves ( no joke ) took right at 4 hours but easy to do. Just bought another truck and going to order some for it here in a couple of months. Order them, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT !

5 of 5 Stars

by Cody p

This compressor was very easy to install, came with easy to follow directions and makes airing up and down on the go while towing super easy and convenient. Takes no time at all to air up works better than i expected. Would highly recommend for anyone to pair with there air bags!

5 of 5 Stars

by Corinna P

Works great!! Super easy install and looks great the way it was installed. it help Single path control will provide the ability to control two air springs equally and inflate the air bags at the same time. thank you sd truck

5 of 5 Stars

by Jeffrey L

The Air Lift compressor system was easy to install. It's nice to be able to just push a button on the fly to adjust the pressure in my Air Lift suspension. No more portable air compressor or gas station air pumps needed. And as usual, fast shipping and spot on description of what comes in the kit.

5 of 5 Stars

by Corinna P

Super easy install, looks and works great! Will certainly purchase again if I need to do another set up.

5 of 5 Stars

by Adam C

Great product, installation instructions were clear and helpful. Was able to hook this up with a Air Lift 1000 helper spring kit and it tied in perfectly. Installed on a 2014 Toyota Sienna, fit the compressor inside the rear quarter trim and the gauge inside the upper glove box. Would definitely recommend this product.

4 of 5 Stars

by Michael M

The product arrived when promised and looks complete, but I haven't had a chance to install it yet. My Ram 1500 squatted pretty good when I hauled a half ton of wood pellets, so I am eager to get the springs and ride controller installed so that doesn't happen next time.

5 of 5 Stars

by Martin M

Very easy to install in my 2014 Ram2500 Cummins, and truck rides much better with and without my 12000# horse trailer.

4 of 5 Stars

by Brian H

Easy install. Works Like it should. Would recommend to anyone who occasionally tows heavier loads.

5 of 5 Stars

by Ronald R

The compressor works great. I have recommended this system to several people. Have not used manual only . Don’t think I would like it. The mechanic who installed airbags and compressor also put a manual plug just in case. The air bags have worked greAT SO FAR.

5 of 5 Stars

by Peter P

I installed the system in about two hours had no problems with the installation it took longer to pick a place to install the compressor than the rest of the installation. Right after the installation I put 5000 lbs of wood pellets in my dually and put 90lbs in the bags and drove 800 km to my house. I have already told a number of my friends. Thanks for the quick service. I will be checking your web site for any parts or additions I will require in the future.

5 of 5 Stars

by Clay S

Standard Duty Compressor Works great for the customer.

5 of 5 Stars

by John K

The air bags and compressor are awesome. I run between 20 and 30 lbs. My horse trailer rides a 1000 times better with this addition to my Toyota 4 Runner. Best part only took an hour or so to install the complete system

5 of 5 Stars

by Ronald R

The compressor works great. I have recommended this system to several people. Have not used manual only . Don't think I would like it. The mechanic who installed airbags and compressor also put a manual plug just in case. The air bags have worked greAT SO FAR. I GENERALLY AM RUNNING 60 TO 85 PSI WHEn pulling the big trailers

5 of 5 Stars

by Daniel S

Is an awesome pump for the guy on a smaller buget. I have since sold my Titan and have a 2500 HD and will be installing the airbags with a wireless one system

5 of 5 Stars

by Nick B

Works great! I mounted it under my dash to control the bags for when I mount/dismount my snow plow. Fast pressure changes.

4 of 5 Stars

by Robert K

Went in fairly smoothly but I have 2 complaints. 1) The wiring diagram shows twisting the red and green power wires off of the analog gauge together. One of these is a back lighting wire and wiring it this way has the light on whenever the key is on and at full bright, too bright at night. One of these needs to go to the light dimming circuit but I have not explored which. 2) I am going to wire this through a switch so that after inserting the key and having the compressor fill to min pressure, I can turn it of so I don't get a sporadic compressor turn on every bump I hit. It is annoying. Good system and instructions otherwise.

5 of 5 Stars


Functioned as intended I run 10 psi unloaded and 35 psi loaded diffently helps my 2009 Ram 1500 Sport

5 of 5 Stars

by Noel E

Nice Compressor! Super Deal, easy to install and all the accessories that came with it worked for a perfect installation.

5 of 5 Stars

by Bill B

This sorted out my leveling problems. The onboard compressor is the only way to go with on the fly adjustment.

4 of 5 Stars

by Andrew R

Performance wise it's pretty good. It's not as fast as some of the bigger compressors but it definitely gets the job done. The hardest part of the installation was the time. It was small enough to fit under the back seat in my 2010 Dodge Ram 3500. After that it was just a matter of running the hoses and the power. The light on the meter stays on constantly and is actually pretty bright. This can get a little annoying while driving at night but I have gotten used to it. In general it's a great product and I'd recommend it and/or buy it again.

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