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Box Types:

Aluminum Economy Cross Boxes Aluminum Economy Cross Boxes - Modeled with multiple boxes designed to keep your equipment safe and secure the right way. The economy cross boxes feature adjustable strikers as well as a weatherproof gasket to make sure you are recieving top of the line strength as well as durability.

Aluminum Flush Mount Boxes Aluminum Flush Mount Boxes - Flush mount aluminum boxes are the perfect solution for those who want to equip top of the line storage while still maintaining an unobstructed view of the road. This box includes locking t-handles to give you easy access to box contents as well as tie downs to ensure stability.

Aluminum Foam Filled Lid Truck Box Aluminum Foam Filled Lid Truck Box - Get your hands on this box if you are interested in the strongest lid in the industry. Lund's SFL boxes are built to withstand years of wear and tear snd includes exclusive foam fill to make sure easy opening and closing of the box is a top priority.

Aluminum Gull Wing Cross Boxes Aluminum Gull Wing Cross Boxes - The Gull Wing describes how this tool box opens and operates within the bed of your truck. Each top opens up like a wing would thanks to the use of proper engineering. These self rising, twin lids will maximize storage space and features one-handed operation at an affordable price.

Aluminum Industrial Size Under Bodies Aluminum Industrial Size Under Bodies - This truck box is great for those looking o maximize storage space for their gear as well as in the bed of their truck. These boxes includes a specially designed channel and bulb seal to make sure water and other elements are kept out and you get the best our of your complete investment.

Aluminum Inframe Truck Boxid Aluminum Inframe Truck Boxid - These inframe storage boxes are ideal for big rigs or other trucks who can embed this box within the frame of their vehicle. Weatherproof gaskets allow for easy access as well as a protective seal from the weather and all other elements you may come into contact with.

Aluminum Single Lid Storage Box Aluminum Single Lid Storage Box - Designed to fit most full-size trucks, the single lid cross box has been built to maximize interior storage space. This style of box features interior side pockets, a 4 section sliding tray and to top it off, commercial grade latches to ensure security on top of durability.

Aluminum Specialty Boxes Aluminum Specialty Boxes - The universal solution for those looking for storage solutions that are reliable as well as affordable. These specialty boxes are created with rust-resistant, diamond-grated aluminum and include leak proof, hand welded seals for maximum security and protection against the elements.

Aluminum Top Mount L Wing Aluminum Top Mount L Wing - Top mounted L-wing boxes are available as a single box or dual option depending on how much cargo you need to store. The L-Wing series features front opening doors to provide you with easy frontal access and can be matched up with other top sided boxes for the ultimate storage companion.

Aluminum Trailer Tongue Aluminum Trailer Tongue - Trailer Tongue Boxes are great for those looking to combine extra trailer space with increased usability. With one of these boxes installed, you can focus on utilizing extra storage while this box sits flush against the trailer wall and out of your way. Powered by single-handed entry and 3 finger paddle handles, you can store all of your precious cargo without having to worry about filling up necessary space.

Aluminum Under Bodies Aluminum Under Bodies - Looking to keep your cargo out of sight while maintaining maximum storage space? An aluminum under body box is the best way too keep your truck bed free and clear while protecting your cargo at the same time. Each underbody box

Challenger Tool Boxes Challenger Tool Boxes - Challenger tool boxes differ from the rest thanks to being crafted along with twin gas struts. These gas powered struts allow for a simple, effective and controlled method for opening and closing each box and can be topped of by the help of lockable stainless steel latches as well as easy grip 3 finger paddle handles.

Commercial Pro Cross Bed Commercial Pro Cross Bed - Commercial PRO HD Aluminum Cross Bed Boxes can be considered top of the line when it comes to both performance and construction. Built from 080" Aluminum and reinforced by hand crafted, TIG welded seams these pro boxes will fit across the width of your truck bed and features a weather proof bulb seal as well as a piano style heavy duty hinge for maximum strength and durability even in the coldest weather.

Commercial Pro Sideboxes Commercial Pro Sideboxes - Adapting the same features from the cross bed boxes, the Commercial Pro side bins offer an alternative approach to storage management within the bed of your truck. These side bins will mount to the existing bed rails to make sure you have a full and complete view of the road regardless of your positioning. Self-operating gas shocks are included with this version of the COMPRO and it allows for simple yet secure one handed use, even in the harshest of conditions.

Contender Tool Boxes Contender Tool Boxes - The Contender tool box was made to please the every day toolbox user. Built with heavy duty, diamond plated aluminum this box features fully welded seams and a weatherproof seal to protect your belongings from both theft as well as the elements. Mounting hardware is included with your purchase and are built right here in the USA.

Contractor Box CBT Side Box Contractor Box CBT Side Box - The CBT Tool Box System from LUND operates as both a gigantic toolbox as well a tonneau cover for the bed of your truck. The CBT Side box serves as one section of the tonneau system and is a good alternative for those who do not want to occupy their entire truck bed.

Contractor Box CBT Tonneau Contractor Box CBT Tonneau - The CBT Tonneau System from LUND is a unique yet effective solution to cargo management. Two HD diamond plated cargo boxes will sit on the side of your truck bed connected by a diamond plated tonno cover in the middle of the boxes for the ultimate in gear management.

Opp Black Storage Boxes Opp Black Storage Boxes - Easy to use, one handed operation for those who need it. OPP branded storage boxes are compact enough to fit in the beed of your truck and will bring you next level safety and comfort thanks to aftermarket handles and latches.

Rhino Lined Storage Boxes Rhino Lined Storage Boxes - Rhino Linings provides your LUND storage box with the toughest, seamless approach to extending it's life tenfold. Each box includes an elastic polyurethane covering designed to protect the box against exposure to the environment such as chemicals, petroleum corrosion and abrasion. This lining is environmentally friendly and can be sprayed onto virtually any surface.

Seal-Tite Diamond Tool Boxes Seal-Tite Diamond Tool Boxes - Diamond Seal Tite toolboxes are a dream come true for the industry professional. Backed by a double reinforced floor pan and 40% thicker walls, the seal tite series ensures durability and are always the top pick for everyday truck owners

Seal-Tite Polished Tool Boxes Seal-Tite Polished Tool Boxes - Alongside the diamond seal-tite tool boxes, LUND also offers polished toolboxes for those looking for a visual alternative. Continually powered by twin commercial gas struts the seal tite boxes combine top of the line design with ease of use.

Steel Cross Boxes Steel Cross Boxes - Steel Cross Boxes are constructed with heavy duty 22 gauge steel and feature an aerodynamically domed lid that adds to the overall strength as well as reduces drag while driving. The box operates off of one single piano hinged box lid and is assisted by sturdy gas struts to ensure for maximum performance and safety during operation.

Steel Job Site Boxes w/ Chest Steel Job Site Boxes w/ Chest - A great addition for your work truck regardless of the time of year. Already stacked up on aftermarket suspension? Good. Next up is to secure your cargo and tools with the proper storage management. These job site storage boxes include a storage chest that will add additional capacity for your necessities day in and day out.

Steel Pro Cross Boxes Steel Pro Cross Boxes - The Pro Steel Cross Box adds on additional storage containers as well as stainless steel D-Ring tie downs for maximum security. The pro series steel box has been designed without the need for welding allowing for optimal strength and includes a lockable steel tray for key organization.

Steel Specialty Boxes Steel Specialty Boxes - Steel Specialty boxes will provide you with the cargo storage you need to keep all of your gear safe. These boxes are built to last and will fit within the bed of your truck to maximize efficiency and minimize spacing.

Steel Top Mount Storage Boxes Steel Top Mount Storage Boxes - Steel top mount storage boxes are great for those who favor top mounted access over the traditional side access. These top mounted additions are great for maintaining proper cargo management and can be used alongside other storage boxes from LUND.

Steel Underbody Storage Boxes Steel Underbody Storage Boxes - Underbody boxes by LUND will give the heavy duty truck drivers a secure, convenient storage solution. Designed with weatherproof gaskets to seal out dirt and moisture, these boxes also have commercial grade lockable stainless steel T-handles to secure contents and are perfect for those who may or may not want to mount this box into the bed of their truck.

Tool Box Accessories Tool Box Accessories - Accessories are available to those who may need to add onto their LUND cargo system or replace worm out components such as bolts or handles. As always, if you need assistance finding necessary components, all you have to do is ask.

Ultima Tool Boxes Ultima Tool Boxes - The Ultima tool boxes separate from the pack by the use of high quality foam weather stripping. The Ultima boxes are reliable and hardworking and includes a full length piano style hinge designed to operate with ease regardless of the weather conditions.

Underbody Assembly Trays Underbody Assembly Trays - Underbody assembly trays can be great for those who want to section off their cargo, specifically tools. If you want to add trays to your storage box, this is the place to do it as these underbody trays are built to last and can be installed with little to no effort.

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