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2007-2021 Toyota Tundra 2WD 4WD (fits TRD) - Firestone "Ride-Rite" Air Bag Helper Springs [REAR]


Model: 2445
by Firestone
5 stars 4.9/5Read Reviews

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Union Tee (Optional)

Front / Rear



Ride-Rite air helper springs are the workhorse of Firestone's air helper spring line. The double convoluted air springs offer maximum load capacity as well as years of worry-free service and support.

Ride-Rite air helper springs are installed between the frame of your vehicle and the suspension, providing load support by using air pressure.

Firestones air springs have become synonymous with quality, durability, and customer support that is second to none. Ride-Rite air bag kits utilize a pair of convoluted air springs which can be adjusted to accommodate your load capacity. The Ride-Rite series is capable of 3,200 - 5,000 lbs. of load level capacity. After installed, your ride will be enhanced by reducing inter-leaf friction which will keep your truck level, reduce suspension fatigue, and increase the stability of your Toyota vehicle.

  • Includes two (2) air springs
  • Easy install - 1 to 2 hours
  • Load leveling capacity up to 5,000 lbs.
  • Keeps vehicle level
  • Level off-center or uneven loads
  • Reduce suspension fatigue
  • Improve the ride
  • Reduce bottoming out
  • Increase vehicle stability

Overall, Ride-Rite air bags have many advantages for your vehicle and will help to improve steering control and braking effectiveness, level headlight beams, reduce tire wear, keep leaf springs from permanent sagging, reduce bottoming out with air cushions between the axle and frame, absorb road shock, and match your vehicles load for an overall improved ride.

Install Time1 - 2 Hours
Load Capacity5,000 lbs.
Front or Rear AxleREAR
Drilling (YES/NO)NO
Minimum Air Pressure5 PSI
Maximum Air Pressure100 PSI
InstructionsDownload 2445 Instructions
Product Video
  • Do not exceed the vehicles GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)
  • To avoid possible damage maintain an absolute minimum of 5 psi at all times
  • Do not fold or kink the tubing when installing the air line
Vehicle Applications
  • Years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Model: Toyota Tundra 2WD, Tundra 4WD
  • Firestone Ride-Rite 2445 FAQ with SD Truck Springs

    Q: Will these Air Bags fit on my vehicle if I want to install a B&W Gooseneck Hitch
    A:Yes, because of the "no-drill" feature included with these air bags the brackets get mounted to the inside of the frame while the gooseneck hitch will mount to the outside of the frame. This removes any possible interference during installation andlets the two of them exist at the same time on your Toyota Tundra

    Q: What do you mean by "No-Drill"?
    A: This kit along with other Firestone Air Bag Kits come standard with brackets that bolt into holes that already exist on your vehicle's factory frame thus removing the need for any risky drilling or modification during the installation.

    Q: Can i use these air springs with my lifted 2009 Toyota Tundra
    A: If your talking about a suspension lift then yes you can absolutely still use these air bag helper springs on your 2009 Toyota Tundra.

    Lift Spacers help you tremendously in this situation as they mount on the axle and are offered in a variety of different heights in order to make sure your vehicle operates correctly with after all the customization is said and done.

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Heavy Duty - Single
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Heavy Duty - Dual
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CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning
Customer Reviews
5 stars 4.9 / 5This item is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 16 customer reviews.
5 of 5 Stars

by David V

My truck is built as an overland camping rig but when I bring the family we take the trailer (5000 lb). I like the soft suspension for wheeling but when towing I was almost riding on the bumpstops and the feel was terrible. After a ton of research I landed on the Firestone airbags and couldn't be happier. Install was a breeze and it completely changed the feel of the truck when towing and when I'm unhitched I just let the air out and the ride goes back to normal. Pro-tip, if you off road and don't want to lose suspension articulation you'll need to add some airbag cradles (I used Daystar) so you get full flex in the rear without risking tearing an airbag. No regrets at all, you can get the best of both worlds!

5 of 5 Stars

by Tony R

The airbags work great leveled out my Tundra with ease improved handling and towing capacity great investment . installation done in less time . quality of the kit is top notch and very powerful .

5 of 5 Stars

by Owen B

This is the second Firestone spring kit I've installed on my pickups - both Tundras. I found the instructions clear and installation took 2-3 hours. In both cases I chose to "tee" the air lines together with a union fitting, and put the single filling valve near the rear license plate. I really like these springs - I can easily level the truck with an attached trailer, and while they do slowly lose air (as expected and explained), I only have to refill them at about 3 month intervals

4 of 5 Stars

by Curt C

I had a 3 inch block lift on my Toyota Tundra. They sent me the wrong brackets because they weren’t long enough to reach my axle housing. So I called them and they were very apologetic and very nice and sent me another set. But apon arrival they still to short about an inch.. Which at this point I just made my own. Everything works great now. So that the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars.

5 of 5 Stars

by Owen B

I have installed these on 2009 and 2017 Tundras. It took less than 3 hours each time and was quite simple, once I figured out the correct orientation. Instructions were complete and clear,and the performance is GREAT. They lose pressure more slowly than advertised and really work well keep the truck level. I highly recommend them.

5 of 5 Stars

by James J

I recently installed the Firestone Ride-Rite air bags on my 2008 Toyota Tundra that has 32,000 miles. I purchased a large trailer for a long distance move, but had some concerns after the first trip. Although I already have the TRD suspension on the vehicle, when towing and driving over bumps and dips such as bridge joints, the vehicle became dangerously bouncy at highway speeds. Rear sag also was an issue. The Firestone Ride-Rite air bags, really improved the ride and handling when towing. I would describe it as a "major improvement", and it resolved both issues. Installation was fairly easy. All the parts went together without an issue, and there have been no air leaks. The hardest part was cutting off the stock rear rubber snubbers, but I used a zaw saw for that, and that made it easy. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the product. I recommend purchasing the optional "T" air valve, so pressure is equalized between the two bags.

5 of 5 Stars

by Charles W

High quality air bags. They were easy to install. All of the parts fit perfectly. SDTruckSprings had a good price and shipped promptly.

5 of 5 Stars

by Donald S

Easy install with truly no drilling. It is worth getting the "T" so that you can balance the air pressure on both sides of your truck. Can't think of any instances where I would want asymmetrical pressures. I called to make sure I could add an on-board compressor a year or two later and they responded with confidence and knowledge of the different compressors. Seems as though their customer service is very good from that one encounter. I typically have 500-1500# of cargo and/or towing a trailer with ~200-300# tongue weight - I keep the air bags at 50 PSI most of the time. 50 PSI is a stiff, but not horrible ride when unloaded. 50 PSI was adequate for 1.25 cords of dry firewood loaded in the bed, but the front springs were near capacity. So far no complaints whatsoever, after ~5 months of use.

5 of 5 Stars

by Rich L

Excellent product with everything you need for a sweet install. No drilling or modification necessary. All the hardware including a bracket to re-locate the fuel pump module are included in the package. All you need is a little time and a few simple tools. The setup works great and I even run a few pounds of air when unloaded to smooth my ride. Great product. Shipping was fast and easy and yes, I've already recommended this product and this site to friends. Keep up the good work!

5 of 5 Stars

by Robert K

Excellent product for your Toyota Tundra if you are towing heavy trailers or hauling heavy loads in the bed of your truck. The air bag kit was very easy to install. Absolutely no drilling as advertised. Simple, easy to follow instructions. Air bags were installed and ready to use in less than 2 hours. I pull an 8500 lb travel trailer and with 55 lbs of air in the air bags, the truck bed is level and the truck handles as if there isn't a trailer being pulled. I would recommend these air bags to anyone for their Toyota won't be disappointed.

5 of 5 Stars

by Joseph P

Quality, Quality, Quality! Firestone hit the nail right on the head with components in their Ride-Rite system. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Union Tee to allow easy, equal filling. The price here at SD cannot be beat and their shipping and customer service was top notch! Easy install and does what it is supposed to!

5 of 5 Stars

by O.S. H

I was very happy with my first purchase from this company. The Firestone Air Bags we bought did the trick to carry our fifth wheel rv. Eas to install and works well.

5 of 5 Stars


Perfect suspension part especially when pulling a fifth wheel, big difference, quality of product is very high, do not pull anything in winter and left the air at 8 pds after 4 months its the same and we had many days of -36F the service from SD Truck Springs was without any hitch, we are from Canada and had delivery done in a RV center exactly as planned, very happy. Thanks

5 of 5 Stars

by Mark W

Simple installation,high quality parts. Installed it on a Toyota Tundra and pulling a 34 ft rv trailer. I have absolutely no sagging and run just 40 lbs of pressure. I love this product!!! Wish I had used this on my previous truck.....

5 of 5 Stars

by Gerald M

By far the best set up for towing a travel trailer. Very easy to install and plumb.

5 of 5 Stars

by Brendon H

I actually bought the air bag system. It was just as advertised got rid of the sag and was very easily installed a buddy bought one for his 1/2 the next week once he found out that I done it in 11/2 hours outside on the lawn. Haven't had to adjust nothing since the first time I aired it up

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