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How-To Install A Timbren Kit - Step by Step

how to install timbren

View the Timbren SES Installation Video Below

How to install a Timbren Kit in 7 easy steps.

If your truck is sagging and it is interfering with your ride comfort and stability there is an easy solution that will not take a lot of time or skill to install. The addition of a Timbren kit to your suspension will add needed load support, keep your suspension level and help to protect your suspension from prematurely wearing out. Having a level vehicle reduces sway that you may be experiencing when towing and increases ride comfort while loaded. Below is a quick how to guide and video that will help to demonstrate just how easy it is to fix a sagging suspension and get the best out of your vehicle with the use of a Timbren kit. These kits are easy to use and have zero maintenance; the rubber stops absorb road shock and automatically adjust to uneven loads or road conditions.

Step 1
First you will block off your tires to ensure that the vehicle does not move during installation.

Step 2
Using a jack lift the vehicle and allow the axle to hang freely. You can remove the wheel if necessary to ensure you have plenty of room to work.

Step 3
Unbolt and remove the OEM jounce bumper, you will use these existing holes to install the Timbren SES.

Step 4
Drop the included bolts into the Timbren Aeon Spring. The Timbren has an internal washer, feed the bolt through the washer and up through the top of the spring.

Step 5
Attach the spacer or brackets to the Timbren bump stop.

Step 6
Install Timbren SES in place of the OEM jounce bumper. If the Timbren has to fit inside the existing jounce bumper slot you can lubricate it with soap so it slides in easier. If necessary you can place a block of wood under the bump stop and lower the suspension slightly to push the Timbren into place.

Step 7
Tighten the bolts and replace tire if it was removed. Now repeat steps 1-7 on the opposite side of vehicle.

After these steps are completed you can lower the vehicle and remove tire stops, you are now ready to load the vehicle without having to worry about sag and sway.

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