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Classic American Automobiles
You can trace the first design of the automobile back to 1769 with the steam engine automobile. This vehicle was able to transport people to their destination. It wasn't until 1806 that the very first vehicle to feature an internal combustion engine that ran on fuel gas. During the years the automobile would improve and it wasn't until the Post-War era and the Modern era that we were introduced to classics like the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang. These classic cars were known for their performance and a prime focus for all manufactures when producing. Just looking at some of the classic automobiles, you are automatically transported back to the great days of your youth or a great memory you once had. It is important to take care of your classic.

Cadillac Leaf Springs for Cars

Before cars shifted to mainly coil springs, leaf springs were dominant in the auto suspension market. Our auto leaf spring product line includes some of the more popular applications such as Chevy Camaro rear springs, Corvette springs, and Mustang springs. Replacing a leaf spring can appear to be a daunting task but it can certainly be simplified. Most applications will not require any drilling or welding and the swap will be clean and easy using all of the same leaf spring components such as u-bolts and shackle bolts.

For many of our auto applications we offer multiple springs to replace the original factory setup. These springs have slightly different designs to accommodate for increased weight support, improved handling, or lasting durability. Some of the mono leaf setups are better replaced with a 3 leaf design which was made specifically for that reason. Whether you are looking for a direct factory replacement or want to make some changed, we should have the spring for you.

Can't Find It?

Choosing the right car leaf spring for your automobile is not always an easy process. Unlike other online shops, our customer support representatives are actual mechanics who are seasoned in fitting, installing, and maintaining truck and SUV leaf springs.

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