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Off-Roading LED Light Bars

Dual Row - LED Light Bars are the perfect addition for those looking to off-road when the sun goes down. Dual Row Off Road Led Lights will increase your field of view when roaming the trails late at night and will give you a wider spectrum of light so that you can see double the distance while driving.

Looking for specs? Most dual row LED sets include a spot and flood light combo backed by an IP67 Waterproof rating as well as a durable, die cast aluminum housing ready to withstand all the mud and rain you can throw at it.

Single Row - LED Light Bars will keep the terrain lit up at night for you without being as big and bulky. Due to having one less row of CREE standard LED lights the single row kits offer a more sleek solution for those looking to stay lit up all throughout the night.

Round & Square Lighting Kits

Square and Round Halogen/LED Lights are available for those who aren't looking to add on an entire light bar. Jeep owners in particular tend to like the round and/or square setups which come in a pair or can be purchased individually.

All Round and Square LED/Halogen lights come with the necessary wiring harness and installation hardware necessary to mount the set onto whatever you need. Looking to have esxtra light beaming from the hood of your Jeep? "CREE" engineered LED kits will make nighttime trailblazing your new favorite pastime!

Looking for a specific bumper or windshield mounting point? Light Brackets are also readily available for those who want to go above and beyond the standard lighting procedure. With LED lighting kits mounted to your hood, roof and/or bumper no stone will be left unturned when it comes to off-roading under the night sky.

Brands That Last!

Founded in 1970, KC HiLites began manufacturing LED lights right here in the USA with the goal in mind to help illuminate the road regardless of what the situation may be.

Fast forward 45 years later and KC stands at the top of the LED lighting industry continuing to produce on of the best products on the market. Whether you prefer light bars or round and square lighting systems, chances are, KC has the perfect solution for you and will take lighting to the next level.

Famously, KC are known for their smiley face logo that they use on the covers of the round Daylighter LEDs. These are KCs most popular lighting option and are available as individual purchases as well as in paired packs.

Bulb Differences
Learn About Light Patterns!

Spot Beam - The Spot Beam is the most popular beam pattern due to the fact that it has the longest range and will provide the whitest, and brightest light possible.

In order to keep you out of the dark, the spot lights are built to provide a more rounded light source and will illuminate both above and below the horizon line. Spot beams are great for off-roading masters who need to be able to see far distances with or without the help of the environment.

Driving (Spread) Beam - The Spread Beam also known as Driving Lights are designed as a supplement to your already existing high beams.

Driving lights do not reach as far as spot lights but provide a wider field of view at a lower rate of power to help you keep an eye out for specifics such as animals and other obstacles that may be near or on the road.

Fog Beam - Fog lights are great for those who want to test their off-roading skills during the extreme weather. Fog lights operate below the horizon line at a wide range to prevent particles such as rain, dust or snow from interfering with the drivers field of view.

Fog lights can also be a helpful tool when the weather is clear. Immediate frontal lighting as well as increased side and cornering light makes fog lights another safe choice for driving on the trails when the sun goes down!

Need Help Deciding?

Choosing the right Light Bars for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing the right off-road LCD lights, or can't find the accessory your looking for, contact one of our mechanics.

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