Secure Shopping Secure Shopping Guarentee

We use some of the highest level of data security and encryption available today, ensuring the confidentiality and identity safety of our customers at all times. Through the entire checkout process, you can be 100% assured that any personal information you type into any field in our website is transmitted in an encrypted format which is undecipherable to anyone except the intended recipient, making it virtually impossible to intercept along the way. is the most commonly used credit card authorization service for most major websites and uses the highest levels of security and data encryption available as well. Click on the logo at the footer of the website for authentication and/or more information.

Our promise to all of our customers; We NEVER hold your credit card information, we will NEVER spam or send you unwanted junk mail and we will NEVER sell or give any of your information away for any reason.

So feel safe and confident at and should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at 1-877-774-6473 or email us at