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Firestone R4Tech Air Over Leaf Systems

firestone r4tech
R4Tech Components

R4Tech kits by Firestone come complete with all necessary components and mounting hardware necessary for installation. Improve the ride of your truck with an R4Tech air over leaf system. Included components are pictured and listed below.

(A) Load adaptive shocks T into air line. Shocks are softer than stock with no load and get firmer as load and air spring pressure increase.

(B) Includes air compressor and tank kit with height control and dump valves

(C) Controls axle similar to a 4-link suspension with lower control link. J-spring controls axle wrap and brake hop

(D) Replaces stock suspension with lower rated leaf springs, link, and Airide springs by Firestone

(E) Airide spring suspension greatly improves ride unloaded and loaded

What is an R4Tech Suspension Kit?
R4Tech is a collaboration between Sanluis Rassini, Firestone, and Rancho to achieve a patented, hybrid air-over-leaf suspension upgrade system. This air spring in conjunction with some lower weight rated leaf springs will give your truck suspension the ability to achieve a smoother ride (like heavy duty Airide) when unloaded while still keeping the load support capabilities of a full leaf stack or more.

Who makes R4Tech?
The R4tech suspension is developed and manufactured by Sanluis Rassini, which is the largest steel spring manufacturer in the world. Rassini reached out to Firestone because of their Ride-Rite and Airide line with expertise in the air bag and air spring industry. These two industry leaders combined to develop one of the more impressive air suspension systems we have ever seen in production.

What does R4Tech do?
R4tech allows the everyday pickup driver to have the advantages and capabilities of a full Airide suspension. The entire R4tech kit is bolt-on and will use preexisting leaf spring hangers and components. This will result in a greatly improved ride as well as improved handling for the driver.

How does it work?
The main concept is less steel springs and more air springs to control ride quality. There are a few unique advantages R4tech has over some other air suspension alternatives. Two components found with the R4Tech that set it apart are "J" springs in order to prevent hop, wrap, and wind-up under braking. There is also a trailing control link under the main leaf stack to control windup. All in all, fewer leaf springs will mean less inter-leaf friction, smoother axle motion, and a softer ride. Most of the weight support is provided by air which allows this to be true loaded or unloaded.

What is included in the kit?
The complete kit will include everything one would need to install and maintain an R4Tech air system. This will include lower-rated leaf springs to replace your existing OEM springs, the trailing control link, spring and link mounting brackets, perches for the leaf springs, Airide air springs and mounting brackets, tuned shock absorbers, air compressor setup and pressure switch, a 3 gallon air tank, and mechanical hardware.

R4Tech Performance
The shocks included in the kit vary stiffness based upon the air spring pressure according to the load in the vehicle. More load equates to more pressure in the air springs, and more control from the shocks. Non-adjustable factory shocks are a compromise between extremes - heavy loaded. The Firestone dampers for R4Tech adjust to the load, optimizing the ride in all conditions. Combined with a constant ride height, this greatly improves the handling and ride.

  • Blue = factory damping performance
  • Green = R4Tech plush damping when unloaded
  • Red = R4Tech heavy duty damping at GVW
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