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Who are Performance Accessories?

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For the better part of 30 years, Performance Accessories has worked their way to the top and boosted their reputation to be one of the leading manufacturers in Body lift kits. After years of service providing the truck community with an affordable solution for body lifts, Performance Accessories has decided to take it up to the next level. PLS kits or Premium Lift Systems are the complete package in terms of lift and leveling.

Safety and Security are major influences regardless of what products PA Inc. decides to manufacturer. When dealing with a higher center of gravity, lifted vehicles handle and react differently both on and off road than a passenger car. You must drive it safely! Take extreme care to prevent vehicle rollover or loss of control

What exactly are Premium Lift Systems (PLS)?

PLS100 Premium Lift System

Engineers over at Performance Accessories designed the PLS kit to lift both the body of your truck as well as the suspension with the ultimate goal of safely adding bigger rims and tires. Without altering the factory ride or existing suspension/body geometry.

PLS kits are a less expensive alternative to a complete suspension lift kit. PLS kits can be easily removed if necessary and offer only the safest options to secure your truck.

What is included in a Premium Lift System?

Each PLS kit can be broken down into 3 key components, a leveling kit for the suspension, a body lift in between the frame and the axle and wheel well extensions to hide gaps that are created from adding a body lift kit to your truck.

Performance Accessories Leveling Kit

Suspension Leveling Kit - Performance Accessories includes either a torsion key or coil spacer leveling kit inside each PLS kit in order to level the front of your vehicle with the rear. Suspension leveling kits will provide 1"-2" of additional ride height and will not alter the OEM suspension components in any way. Each kit has its components created from high quality materials and are laser cut and CNC machined in order to provide you with the safest and most durable product.

Performance Accessories Body Lift Kit

Body Lift Kit - Performance Accessories body lift kits are designed to increase ground clearance, allowing for the use of larger wheels and tires without tampering with your truck's suspension components. The standard body lift kit will include nylon reinforced body blocks, CNC machined steering extension, laser cut steel bumper relocation brackets and any other necessary hardware required to properly install this kit onto your vehicle.

Performance Accessories Gap Guards

Gap Guards (wheel well extensions)** - In order to remove certain gaps that are created between the frame and the axle of your truck after installing the body lift kit, your PLS kit may include Gap Guards. Please keep in mind that gap guards are optional and do not fit on every make or model but serve a great purpose both cosmetically as well as functionally.

PLS Kit Unique Features

  • Will maintain factory ride quality
  • Will work in conjunction with OEM wheels
  • Will NOT alter factory turning radius
  • Will NOT effect Electronic Stability Controls
  • Can be completely removed
  • A lesser cost compared to other complete suspension kits

Premium Lift Systems Frequently Asked Questions with SD Truck Springs

Q: Will these kits level the front and rear of my Silverado ?
A:Yes they will. We have a variety of kits that will fit the Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra. Each PLS kit includes a leveling kit with either coil spacers or torsion keys in order to properly level your truck

Q: Will installing a Performance Accessories PLS Kit alter my Electronic Stability Control System ?
A: Not at all. Premium Lift systems are designed specifically not to alter the Electronic Stability Control System

Q: Can i use my stock shocks with the Performance Accessories kits ?
A: Yes you can. We strongly recommend adding new shock absorbers to your truck when adding any type of suspension kit but, if you choose not to, stock shocks will fit just fine

Need Help?

Choosing the right Premium Lift System by Performance Accessories for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing a suspension kit for your vehicle, or can't find the kit your looking for with the desired lift height, contact one of our mechanics and they will be more than glad to assist you!

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