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The Rancho Suspension Timeline

Since the 1950's, Rancho Suspension has been expanding their horizons looking to provide the truck and off-road community with quality, durable and effective suspension components. Starting out as Rancho Jeep Supply on the west coast of Long Beach, California, they would eventually grow into a reputable suspension manufacturer behind the reings of the "world's most popular" shock absorber, the RS5000. In 1990 Rancho would be purchased by the billion dollar manufacturing company known as Tenneco Inc. and continue on their tear through the industry providing us with the products we know and love today.

Lift your vehicle the right way.

Many individuals hear the name Rancho and they immediately think shocks. While this is true, the road does not end there. Along with shock absorbers, leveling kits and steering stabilizers, Rancho also offers complete suspension lift kits for many of the popular manufacturers including Chevy/GMC, Ford and Dodge with the goal in mind to provide custom lift kits for trucks that look good but do not sell short in terms of performance.

What should I expect from a Rancho suspension Lift Kit?

Rancho covers both ends of the spectrum with each and every lift kit design they develop. Ranging from 2.5" to 6" of lift rancho provides full suspension lift kits ideal for both the heavy duty off-road user as well as the standard day to day truck owner. Rancho uses the term "full" suspension lift kits for a good reason, Why? Each kit has the option to upgrade your shocks along with lifting your vehicle, the shock options include the RS5000 series, the RS7000MT series as well as the RS9000XL series.

The One-Piece Reinforced Subframe

Rancho incorporates a one piece reinforced subframe into most of their available lift kits. This addition is made from high strength, low alloy steel with the goal of maintaining proper driveline angles as well as correct steering geometry. The sub frame is an important component found in many Rancho brand lift kits and aids in reducing vibration as well as allowing up to 35" tires after you have lifted your truck.

Each lift kit is tailored to a specific vehicle make and model and will provide you with all of the necessary components needed to get the job done. Installation can be done in a few hours and should not require the use of cutting or drilling unless stated otherwise. All rancho suspension components are covered by the Rancho Limited Lifetime Warranty to further guarantee your important investment

Rancho Frequently Asked Questions with SD Truck Springs

Q: Appearance is important to me, Any chance the Lift kits by Rancho come in different colors ?
A: Possibly, It all depends on the kit you are looking for. If there are color variations chances are, it will be either Outlaw Black(Standard) or Rancho Red

Q: Will installing a Rancho lift kit alter my Electronic Stability Control System ?
A: Not at all. Rancho lift kits are designed specifically not to alter the ESCS or Electronic Stability Control System and if there is any special exceptions it will be notated on the lift kit product page so you can see

Q: Do all lift kits by Rancho come with shocks ?
A: Only some of them, If a lift kit includes Rancho shocks on top of all of the other components they will be listed under the "kit components" section otherwise, we highly recommend you upgrade your shocks along with purchasing a Rancho primary suspension system

Need Help?

Choosing the right Rancho Lift Kit for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing a suspension kit for your vehicle, or can't find the kit your looking for with the desired lift height, contact one of our mechanics and they will be more than glad to assist you!

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