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Genesis vs. Genesis Elite

So many different options! What does it all mean - well, that's why we are here. When selecting the perfect tonneau cover for your truck bed, the first step is to decide what material you want your cover to be made from. In this particular case LUND offers two different choices of material hence the two different titles Genesis and Genesis Elite.

genesis material 1. Genesis - All Genesis branded tonneau covers from lund will feature a textured black vinyl material and give you the option of having the following tonneau cover: Tri-Fold, Roll-Up, Snap, Seal & Peel, Hinged

genesis material 2. Genesis Elite - The step up from the standard Genesis Tonneau. All Genesis Elite branded tonneau covers from lund will feature a premium twill weave material and give you the option of having the following tonneau cover: Tri-Fold, Roll-Up, Snap, Seal & Peel, Hinged or Revelation. After deciding on the texture of your cover the next step is to figure out how you want your cover to operate. Here are the Choices:

Cover Options:

trifold tonneau Genesis Tri-Fold - Divided into three sections, the tri-fold tonneau covers from LUND will open by section after being installed onto the proper rail system. Tri-fold covers are great for those who want a heavier duty tonneau cover that they don't have to fully open when they are looking for maximum use. As stated above, the Genesis brand is crafted with textured black vinyl and will include easy to use, quick attach clamps for the ultimate in security.

lund roll up genesis Genesis Roll Up - The Genesis Roll Up Tonneau Cover is known for it's ease of installation and practical operation. Just like the name says, the cover will be "rolled up" when you want to either cover or uncover your truck bed and will incorporate the use of heavy duty aluminum rails and bows.

seal and peel genesis Genesis Seal and Peel - Seal and Peel covers features a very unique snapless closure system that will provide you with the perfectly fit tonneau cover for your truck all while fitting within the contours to ensure moisture and debris STAY OUT.

snap genesis tonneau Genesis Snap - Depending on the bed size, LUND fuels it's Genesis Snap series by the use of 3 or 4 bows and allows you to snap in your cover with ease. Insulsnaps will slide along the bed rails to make sure the cover is secured properly each and every time and has been constructed from heavy duty vinyl used to prevent build up.

genesis hinged Genesis Hinged - The top of the line Genesis Elite Hinged tonneau cover comes to true form. Each hinged tonneau cover is powered by gas-fueled shock absorbers to allow for a controllable elevated cover position without having to worry about functionality. The hinged tonneaus are great for those looking for the heavy duty, high powered tonneau solution which is yet to be topped.

elite tri fold Genesis Elite Tri-Fold - Duplicated the LUND "tri-fold" functionality we see from the standard Genesis tonneaus, the elite series offers an upgraded material to ensure your cover is protected from all of the elements. Go with an elite series tri-fold cover and experience the luxury of premium twill weave!

elite genesis rollup Genesis Elite Roll Up - Roll up your premium twill rollup tonneau cover thanks to the creation of the elite series by Lund International. Although the material is a step up from the standard vinyl, the roll up tonneau still functions as it should and is the best for providing quick and easy access to your cargo.

elite seal and peel Genesis Elite Seal and Peel - Proper Just like its standard Genesis counterpart - the Elite version of the seal and peel adopts premium twill fabric to fight against the elements without taking away from the clamping technology used to make this cover function to it's fullest potential.

elite snap Genesis Elite Snap - The Insulsnaps return to ensure your premium twill elite tonneau cover snaps on with little to no effort. The elite series offers you a protective edge in terms of strength and durability and is second to none.

elite hinged Elite Hinged - Still operating off of a dual shock/rail combination the hinged series combines its innovation with premium quality tonneau material. Upgrade to the elite series material and be protected regardless of the situation!

elite revelation Revelation - Each Revelation tonno offers a snap-less, zipper-less solution to your tonneau needs. This low profile cover is great for those who want their tonno to be simple yet effective and do not want to deal with the hassle of maintenance.

Need Help Deciding?

Choosing the right LUND Tonneau Cover for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing the right type of accessory, or can't find the specific one your looking for, contact one of our mechanics.

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