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Tired of climbing to the back of your bed just to unload the equipment you use on a daily basis?

The solution is here!

Kickstarting in 1999, BEDSLIDE aims to provide the truck community with a solution to loading and unloading with a minimum waste of time and energy. Efficiency is key. Forged with top of the line, CNC machined, laser cut steel each Bedslider product is built with durability in mind down to every miniscule detail.

The Bedslide lineup offers 4 different products based on maximum weight capacity and can be categorized as follows:

The Bedslide 1000 Classic – The Bedslide 1000 will keep your truck/suv looking bold while supporting up to a half-ton of cargo, or up to 1,000 lbs. Complete with 4” side rails, the Bedslide 1000 couldn’t be any more convenient for all users from the everyday shopper to the construction site operator. Equipped with a full sized grab bar the 1000 can be easily accessed from either side and offers multiple locking positions to fit your every need without overlooking safety. On top of a dual pin latch and rubberized “skid proof” face this model is perfect for all types of truck owners and can fit a wide variety of models.

The Bedslide 1500 Contractor – Are you still climbing to the back of your RV just to grab some equipment for the weekend camping trip? Do yourself a favor and look into the Bedslide 1500 Contractor. This Bed Slide will support up to 1,500 lbs and features the heavy duty A-TRAC system for optimal sidetrack performance removing the sag, slack and tension that other bed slides may run into. More upgraded features include 4 adjustable heavy duty tie downs, 8” side rails as well as all the other features the previous Bed slides have listed. Just like the classic edition, the contractor bed slide features a 3/4" extension and can add-on lift block kits to clear other tailgate accessories.

The Bedslide 2000 Heavy Duty – This Bed Slide is the heavy duty solution built for contractors, carpenters and other individuals looking for maximum weight support. The 2000 Pro HD will make hauling and accessing heavy machinery and other equipment such as home improvement materials a breeze with its featured 2,000lb load capacity. Along with a 2,000lb capacity, the Bedslide 2000 Pro HD brings along the features of the previous options including an A-TRAC sidebar system, heavy duty tie downs, 8” sidebar rails. This series can be easily installed as well as removed and is powder coated for a stylish design while still getting the job done right.

The Bedslide 2000 Max – What separates th MAX edition bed slie from the rest? FULL EXTENSION. The 2000 Max Bed Slider features over a 2,000 capacity and allows for a full extension ot of your truck bed. The 2000 Max is a great addition for those who need the ultimate form of durability and will take advantage of features such as heavy duty bearings and premium guardrails.

All Bedslide products come with a 5-year manufacturer guarantee, Be sure to stay under the listed weight capacity and do not modify the design or function and Bedslide has your back down to the last nut and bolt.

As always, with Bedslide or anything else you see on our site if you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to ask in whatever way suits you best. Call us on the phone, ask a question in our live help chat box, or post your thoughts on Facebook/Twitter and we'll be more then glad to help.

BedSlide FAQ

Q: Aside from the “Tech Specs” what else should I know about Bedslide?
A: After installing one of the featured Bedslide products, loading and unloading your truck will have a completely new meaning. If you are in the right environment with the right amount of experience you can install one of these top of the line bed sliders in under 30 minutes. If you’re nor a professional and want one of these bed sliders to save you from back pain you are not alone. Check out the provided installation instructions and you should be good to go in just a matter of time.

Many of the Bedslide products are manufactured with inside dimensions of 48” wide. Why so specific? Bedslide understands that many people utilize this product in order to transport materials from point A to point B. A 48” width will cover most of your hauling needs and will fit important supplies such as heavy machinery, tool boxes and sheets of plywood.

Q: How easy can the Bedslide product be removed?
A: Bedslide Removal is designed to be as simple as possible. If you are worried about how you are going to remove the bedslide when you do not need to use it, the removal process is as simple as undoing the 4 main bolts and lifting the bed slide out of your truck.

Need Help Deciding?

Choosing the right Bed Slide for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing the right compressor for your vehicle, or can't find the kit your looking for, contact one of our mechanics.

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