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What Makes SlideZilla Unique?

Manufactured by MOR/Ryde Inc, one of the nation’s top metal fabrication companies, Slide-Zilla screams innovation with the release of their elevated truck bed slider and frame kit. Available in a short, medium or long tray design, the “monster” slide out tray by Slide-Zilla will solve all of your truck storage solutions and then some by doubling the size of your bed.

SlideZilla’s elevated “all-access” design allows you to store your truck tool boxes above and below the featured bed slider which separates them from all the other competition, who usually allow only one of the other.

Based on the desired length and width of your bed, picking out the right bed slider has never been so easy. Choose the proper bed frame kit followed by the corresponding tray and have the install done in no time at all without the need for tools or other equipment. We offer both the frame kits as well as the slider trays as individual products just in case you are looking for a replacement. Confused? continue reading down below for a more detailed explanation.

Which Slide-Zilla product is right for me?

Slide-Zilla Bed Sliders are broken down into two different components and then installed together to provide you with the best possible size and measurements for your truck. Not sure if the Slide-Zilla bed slider will fir your truck? specific vehicle applications can be found within the individual product pages

How to obtain the complete Slide-Zilla Bed Slider solution:

1. Pick the right frame!

Perfecting your Slide-Zilla bed slide starts with making sure you pick the correct frame kit. Available frame kits are categorized based on the size of the bed in your truck.

Short Bed Frame Kits - Available for Chevy/GMC pickups from 2007-2013 that measure a 5.5" bed. The short frame can be used with both short and medium trays but can NOT be used in conjunction with the Slide-Zilla Long Tray bed slides.

Medium Bed Frame Kits - Available for Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Ford and Toyota trucks from 1999-2013 that measure a 6-6.5" bed. The medium frame can be used with short, medium and long trays based on whichever combination suits your needs.
*Separate Medium Frame kits are available for Dodge Ram and Ford Super Duty trucks from 2003-2013.

Long Bed Frame Kits - Available for Chevy/GMC, Dodge and Ford trucks from 1999-2013 that measure a 8" bed. The long bed frame can be used with short, medium and long trays to give you that extra storage space you need during weekend camping or tailgating during Sunday football!

2. Pick your desired tray length!

Slide-Zilla Short Tray - Engineered to fit within short, medium and long frame kits. The SlideZilla short tray offers a 58" width as well as a 42" length and sits elevated, allowing for 13" of storage space underneath the bed slider itself.

Slide-Zilla Medium Tray - A step up in length from the Short Tray, featuring a 65" Tray length and 58" width. All Slide-Zilla Bed Sliders include a carry capacity of 1,000 lbs and the patented "elevated design"

Slide-Zilla Long Tray - Slide-Zilla had the Long tray in mind when they created the concept behind the "monster". Each Long Tray features the Slide-Zilla standard 58" width and then brings cargo management to a whole other level with the beastly 75" Tray Length.

*Remember Long trays CAN NOT be used together with the short style frame kit

Slide-Zilla FAQ with SD Truck Springs

Q: How far will my Slide-Zilla Bed Slide extend outwards ?
A: It depends on what length tray you decide on. The long tray will extend approximately 66% outwards, while the short tray extends about 40" (16 inches). Worry about safely loading and hauling cargo? Slide-Zilla has you covered with multiple lockouts designed to maximize safety when the bed is both sitting stock as well as fully extended.

Q: How easy can the Slide-Zilla bed slide product be removed?
A: Slide-Zilla Removal is designed to be as simple as the installation. If you are worried about how you are going to remove the bed slider when you do not need to use it, the removal process can be done with just 2 people without the need for any equipment whatsoever, just unmount the tray from the frame and carefully remove the bed slider for convenient later use

Need Help Deciding?

Choosing the right Slide-Zilla Bed Slide for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing the right compressor for your vehicle, or can't find the kit your looking for, contact one of our mechanics.

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