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Window and Vent Visors? - Why Should You Add Them?

Style? Comfort? Aerodynamics? It's all important - especially when talking about air flow through the windows of your cab.

Visor Styles:

aeroshades Aeroshades - The aeroshade vent visors are made to add that distinctive look to your car or truck without presenting the hassle of installation. Aeroshades are designed to prevent damage done by UV rays and can be painted to the color of your choice.

aerovisors Aerovisors - The best choice for those into 4x4ing and tearing up the off-road. The aerovisora are designed to repel all types of debris such as mud, sand and dust preventing anything from getting through your window. the installation can be done with 3M automotive tape and can be bought for front or rear applications in sets of 2.

sunflectors Sunflectors - Sunflectors for trucks give you the chance to prevent rain, sleet and snow from getting into your rear window. Another useful feature that you will gain from adding on sunflectors will be the reduction of heat inside your truck's cab. Thanks to UV resistant material, sunlight will be diluted when entering through preventing further glare and temperature build up.

ventshades Ventshades - The standard ventshade has been around forever so, why fix what's not broken. Featuring the standard "top of the window" design, the ventshade is reat for those who are looking to be able to roll down their window slightly even when it is raining. This feature commonly overlooked by most people and when done in the right environment will help to cool down the temperature in your cab drastically.

xwide ventshades Extra Wide Ventshades - Functions the same as the traditional vent visor but adds that extra width for those applications that need it. These extra wide visors work great for big rigs and other applications that have a "wider than normal" channel.

original Original Ventvisors - Available in both 2-piece as well as 4-piece, the vent visor is AVS's shining star when it comes to visor creation. The ventvisor was the first of it's kind and will give you the perfect balance of adding to style and keeping the temperature the way that you want it. Fresh air circulation, eliminating unwanted air and protecting your eyes from the sun are the main features to gain from each ventvisor and you will not be dissapointed.

in channel ventvisors In-Channel Ventvisors - Want a sleeker, more subtle designed vent visor? The in-channel design is perfect for you then. This specific layout easily secures into your window channel or directly along the rubber seal by the use of automotivetape that will not touch your vehicle's paint.

low profile Low Profile Ventvisors - To complete the possible types of vent visors, AVS completes their vent visor category with the option to purchase low profile vent visors. These are the lowest profile visors found on the market and can be used on your side windows to allow for fresh air circulation.

windflectors Windflectors - Designed to attach to the frontal area of your sunroof and block the wind and keep noises away from your cabin.

Need Help Deciding?

Choosing the right Vent Visor for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing the right type of accessory, or can't find the specific one your looking for, contact one of our mechanics.

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