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What the World Would Be Like if Suspension Upgrades Didn't Exist

You never realize how important things are, until they are taken away. Could you imagine a world where you couldn’t upgrade your suspension? We did, and it wasn’t pretty. Working in your truck would be harder, sway would be out of control, Off-roading and RVing would not be any fun at all and your truck would not look anywhere near as cool as it does today. Take a look below to see what the world would be like without suspension upgrades.

1. Broken Leaf Springs Would Be More Common

Without additional load support such as Helper Springs or Timbren kits, or the option to upgrade to Heavy Duty Leaf Springs, Leaf springs would easily break. Driving behind Semi-Trucks and other large vehicles would be dangerous.

2. You would see a lot more of this

Air Bags, Helper Springs and Super Springs help to keep the rear of your truck level with the front when you have the bed loaded. Without the availability of these upgrades you would experience headlights pointed up in the air and sway caused from an unlevel vehicle.

3. And This....

Would look a lot more like this...

Though some stock 4x4's can handle off-roading on their own, additions like lift kits, steering stabilizers, and bigger tires make going off road that much more exciting!

4. These wouldn't exist

Plow trucks use larger tires, heavy duty springs and aftermarket load support. Without these options roads could take weeks to clear, business’ and schools would have to close for long periods of time in the winter and driving in a snow storm would be too dangerous to even think about.

5. You wouldn’t be able to sport tires like these

Larger tires help with all terrain driving and they look awesome. Without being able to upgrade your tire size, your truck would be a little more boring.

6. Or automatically adjust your ride height with these

Ever add weight to the back of your truck and have the bed squat down? As long as you have Air Bags and an On Board Compressor you can fix that with the simple flip of a switch. I wouldn't want to imagine a life without that luxury.

7. You would not be able to buy pre-fab houses or offices

Trucks wouldn’t be able to handle the capacity that they are able to today. Pre-fabricated homes and office buildings would not exist, and finding a place to grow your business would be much more expensive.

8. Sway would be impossible to fix

The simple addition of a Hellwig Sway Bar could do wonders for your Motor Home or Pickup Truck. Without sway bars taking sharp turns in heavier vehicles could be pretty frightening.

9. This would happen more often

Without things such as sway-bars, in-bed hitches and timbren kits, towing a camper would end like this quite often. After-market suspension products will add stability to your vehicle and allow for much safer towing.

10. You would need to buy a bigger truck!

Without additional load support and the ability to add capacity to your vehicle, you would need to spend more money on larger vehicles.

11. These would take a lot longer to arrive

With stock suspensions ambulances and other emergency vehicles would not be able to drive over medians or on grass; dodging traffic would be more difficult. This would reduce efficiency and their ability to arrive in a timely manner.

12. There would be no Monster Truck Shows....

Monster Trucks have heavily modified suspensions, without suspension upgrades you would not have your fun family outing at the Monster Truck Rally.

And alot more sad children

13. And these? Forget about it!

Today we have countless options when it comes to shock absorbers. These have a remote reservoir and are designed specifically for recreational vehicle. You can also buy shocks that are ride height adjustable, heavy duty or even ones that will give your a sportier feeling ride. The amount of possibilities are endless so you can tailor your ride exactly to your personal preference. What if everyone had the same exact ride? I don't even want to think about it.

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