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What Can Flexiride Axles Do For Me?

Created by The Universal Group LLC, Flexiride rubber torsion axles are the simple, yet customizable step you need to take when it becomes time to increase the ride quality and performance of your light duty trailer. These cartridge based rubber torsion systems are used to maintain all types of trailers including but not limited to utility trailers, boat trailers, bike trailers and horse trailers.

Although there are a few different options and combinations available, as a general rule of thumb The Flexiride rubber torsion axle will include 3 major necessary components, The custom designed rubber cartridge, support bushings as well as a replaceable and adjustable spindle arm which can be very useful in terms of varying trailer heights.

To top it all off, unlike trailer leaf spring systems which have a tendency to hang several inches below the frame, Flexiride torsion systems will mount directly to the frame and will reduce the overall weight of your system while increasing ride quality, stability and resistance against the elements. Each flexiride system operates as a sheering system instead of a compression system to output the maximum vibration dampening, something you just won't see trailer springs be able to do.

Flexiride systems merge both maximum safety and performance to give you the most effective system for all types of light duty trailers. All Flexiride axles fit with industry standard components and are available in different hub brake and drum configurations so please keep an eye on the product descriptions and titles in order to ensure you are getting exactly what you need

What Are My Options?

There are multiple different variables when it comes to building the right Flexiride suspension system for your trailer. The following steps will show you the fastest and most effective way to make sure you are set up with the right part numbers.

Step 1: Axle Size

Full Beam Axle - A full width or full beam axle is a singular pieced axle that can act as a frame crossmember. A Full Beam axle includes two separate torsion bars that allow for the control of two wheels independently.

Half Axle - Half axle torsion systems are the more popular of the two when referring to trailer stability simply due to less sizing restrictions, ease of installation and above all else, performance. The available capacities for half axle trailer suspensions range anywhere from 426lbs to 8000lbs and can be installed with minor cutting and welding as a one man job.

Step 2: Weight Capacity

Ranging from 425 lbs to 7,000lbs half axle torsion systems for trailers are available depending on what type of trailer you are working with. As you take a look at all the available options, please be sure to take note of each system's load capacity and if other components are included such as additional hubs, brakes, electric backing plates and necessary lug nuts. Thanks to an independent, fully bonded solid rubber cartridge each flexiride is built to suit and will provide you with a shock free ride thanks to built in camber, a one piece adjustable spindle arm and no need for equalizers or other related hardware.

Optional: Standalone Axle Components

If you are building a custom axle setup, chances are you may need additional components that could not be included with one of the listed Flexiride trailer suspension systems. If thats the case, check our our "Axle Components" section where we offere everytghing from replacement galvanized spindle arms to additional cotter pins. Additional washers and nuts are also available depending on your necessary measurements when building out your half axle system. If you purchase a raw axle, we also offer individual idler hubs and brakes for those who are looking to start from scratch and build up to a full solution.

Need Help Deciding?

Choosing the right Flexiride Axle for your trailer can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing the right type of axle, or can't find the specific one your looking for, contact one of our mechanics.

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