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Truck / SUV Leveling Kits

Most trucks and suv’s come with a rake towards the front, giving the vehicle a nose-down look which may not be desired by some. Whether you are looking to change this look or need more room to add larger tires, a leveling kit is the perfect solution to compensate for an unleveled truck. SUV and truck leveling kits are a type of suspension lift kit that will most commonly be added to the front of the vehicle, giving it a few extra inches, thus creating a level, picture perfect vehicle stance.

leveling kit brands - tuff country, rough country, daystar

We offer leveling kits for various makes, models and years. So whether you’re looking for a Chevy leveling kit or a Toyota tundra leveling kit, we have you covered. You can rest assure you will get a kit that will not only work with your factory suspension but improve the quality of your ride.

There are many types of leveling kits, all of which are effective when used in the intended manor. Depending on your vehicle application, you may have a choice between a variety of leveling kit types. What are the different types of leveling kits?

Torsion Bar Keys

Aftermarket torsion bar keys will replace the factory keys that are already in the pickup or SUV. The new torsion keys like Tuff Country 12903 ( 2” front leveling kit for 88-06 Chevy/GMC 1500 Silverado & Sierra ) will re-index the torsion bar, creating a lift which will in turn level the vehicle without having to “crank up” the torsion bars. This is the preferred method, being that cranking up the torsion bars will increase the tension and stiffness, thus creating an extremely unpleasant ride. Leveling torsion bar keys will also generally be made stronger than stock keys, ensuring an extremely safe and durable ride. We offer torsion bar from Rough Country, Tuff Country and Daystar.

Strut Extensions / Strut Spacers

Strut extension leveling kits are intended for trucks or suv’s that use a coilover style spring for the front suspension. The strut extension like Tuff Country 32902 ( 2” front leveling kit for 06-14 Dodge Ram 1500 ) will be installed on top of the coilover strut, raising the vehicles ride height to the desired level. The strut extension can also be removed fairly easily. Rough Country strut extensions are generally a quick and inexpensive way of leveling your vehicle.

Coil Spacers

Coil spacers are another type of leveling kit that work similarly to strut extensions. The main difference is the location of the apparatus. Strut spacers will attach to the top of the strut mount where coil spacer leveling kits will be placed directly on top of the coil spring buckets. Some vehicles have the option of both types, but coil spacers like Tuff Country 12000 ( 2” front leveling kit for 07-14 Chevy/GMC 1500 Silverado & Sierra ) tend to be slightly more popular.

Lift Blocks

For drivers who are looking to raise the rear of their vehicle and alter their ride height, Lift Block kits are preferred. Perfect for that driver who is looking to put the rake look back into their truck and looking for a rear high stance. Some people will go with an air suspension to lift the rear of their truck and level out their vehicle. Suspension air bags are a popular product such as the Firestone and Air Lift air bags. Many of our customers will add an air compressor or an auto-level compressor with the air suspension to help maintain a leveled vehicle.

What is the difference between a Leveling kit and a Lift kit?

Should you install a leveling kit or a lift kit onto your Ford? Before we answer that, what makes these kits different from each other? Where the leveling kit will raise the front and make it leveled to the rear, a lift kit like Tuff Country 12923 (2” Suspension Lift Kit for the 99-06 Chevy/GM 1500 Silverado/Sierra) will lift the entire truck but the rear will remain higher than the front end of your truck.

Choosing between the two will depend on your style and function like. For example, if you are looking to add larger tires to your Chevy blazer, both kits will help. The only difference is with a leveling kit you will be allowed to add larger tires as long as they are slightly larger than the stock tires. As for functionality, leveling kits will improve your ride quality once your truck is leveled, but for serious off-road quality and handling, lift kits will give you greater ground clearance for a superior ride.

Can a Lift Kit level my truck?

If a lift kit raises your entire truck, can it still level out your vehicle? With a smaller lift kit (3” and under) your vehicle will remain unleveled. But a larger lift kit will almost always level out your truck or SUV.

Will a Leveling Kit give me load support?

A common question we get concerning a leveling kit is whether the kit will help with adding load support for a newly installed plow or winch. Though a leveling kit will give additional ride height to the front of your truck, it will not give you load support. When you add on weight to the front of your truck, you may notice it will begin to sag. To correct this issue and gain load support, we recommend going with a front timbren kit, suspension air bags, sumosprings or heavy duty coil springs. We offer products for various makes, models and years.

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