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Firestone Air Bags

Firestone Air Bag Helper Springs
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Ride-Rite vs. Sport-Rite vs. Coil-Rite vs. All-In-One

Towing a trailer and need support? Hauling heavy loads? If you use your vehicle for any of these, you will need support and prevention against sag and sway. That is where the Firestone suspension air bags will help. The Ride-Rite, Ride-Rite All-in-One, Coil-Rite and Sport-Rite will not only let you fine tune the firmness of your suspension but will improve steering control and braking, level your headlight beams and will help reduce wear on your tires.

So what are the differences between each Firestone suspension air bags kits? Let’s break it down…

Ride Rite Air Bag Helper Springs

Ride-Rite Air Bag Kits

Ride-Rite is the most popular of Firestone's airbag helper spring line. The heavy duty Ride-Rite air helper springs offer maximum load support, along with years of worry-free service backed by a lifetime warranty.

The double convoluted air springs can be installed on most light trucks, motor homes, SUV's and vans. The Ride-Rite air bags are installed between the frame of your vehicle and the suspension, providing load support through the use of air pressure.

Since their early years of operation over seventy years ago, Firestone has been committed to providing their customers with premium air spring kits. Since that time, Ride-Rite air helper springs have become synonymous with quality, durability, and customer support. Each application is specifically designed to maximize the safe load carrying capacity, stability and ride quality of the vehicle.

Ride-Rite air bags are capable of 3,200 - 5,000 lbs. of load leveling capacity. The firestone air springs can be adjusted for changing loads, front to rear, as well as side to side. Ride-Rite air bag kits enhance the ride by reducing inter-leaf friction. Typically found on full size trucks, pickups and commercial vehicles, the Ride-Rite will also come with upper and lower brackets, air line tubing and hardware. The convoluted air springs will increase your level load capacity and improve handling especially when you are hauling heavy loads or towing a trailer. The Ride-Rite is made in the USA and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

All-In-One Ride-Rite Kits

Tired of searching far and wide for the different components necessary to give your vehicle the proper load support and ride quality? Firestone all in one kits are the perfect solution for those looking to get their hands on the essential firestone ride rite air bags as well as the choice between either an analog or wireless air compressor.

Each all-in-one kit can be installed in just under three hours and will include all components necessary for the full installation that includes both the air bag kit as well as the selected compressor. While drilling may be required when installing the air compressor (depending on the type of vehicle and location) you will not have to drill to install the air bag kit and is perfect for those looking to get everything done with just one, simple purchase.

Popular Ride-Rite Kits

Sport Rite Air Bag Helper Springs

Sport-Rite Air Bag Kits

The revolutionary Sport-Rite air helper springs were developed to maintain a level vehicle while still offering the best possible ride characteristics under any load condition, heavy or light - typically used in some 1/2 tons and most compact pickups.

Sport-Rite air bags use a tapered sleeve style air spring that is capable of supporting up to 3,000 lbs per set. You will see drastic improvements while hauling and towing, with more control, stability, and load support. Each Sport-Rite application is designed to maximize the safe load carrying capacity of the specific vehicle at hand.

Just like the Ride-Rite, installation of the Sport-Rite will be between the axle of your vehicle and the frame. The Firestone Sport-Rite is perfect for that driver who occasionally uses their vehicle for towing a boat or towing a trailer. Kits come with two air springs, brackets, air line tubing and hardware. The Sport-Rite are all made in the USA and include a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Popular Sport-Rite Kits

Coil Rite Air Bag Helper Springs

Coil-Rite Air Spring Kits

Designed to fit existing coil spring suspensions, Coil-Rite air helper springs can greatly improve the ride, handling, and braking of your vehicle, front or rear.

Coil-Rite air bag helper springs provide extra support for the existing coil springs in your car, truck, suv, rv, or van. The air springs are adjustable, with the ability to level your vehicle, and assist with more effective braking, loading and handling, providing an overall smoother ride.

Coil-Rite air helper springs are made of durable, elastic polyurethane, and will level provide maximum performance even under heavy loading and unique road conditions.

The coil-rite models are fully adjustable, and can be altered as easily as inflating a tire. The air pressure inside of the springs can be controlled, allowing the air bag inside the coil spring to support 500 - 1,000 lbs. per set.

Kits come with two air springs, brackets, air line tubing and hardware. The Coil-Rite is made in the USA and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

All Firestone suspension air bag kits are custom made for your vehicle. Whether your looking to install a full air bag kit like Firestone 2299 or installing air bags into your pre-existing coil springs like Firestone 4100, you will receive high quality parts and peace of mind.

Popular Coil-Rite Kits

Installing Firestone Air Bags

Installation between the Ride-Rite, Coil-Rite and Sport-Rite is fairly easy. For the most part, installation time varies between one to two hours. To begin, you will pre-assemble your air springs by attaching the upper and lower brackets and securing the air fitting. Most of the Firestone air bag kits will require you to remove the jounce bumper. Once you have attached the air bag, you will then run the air line tubing to the inflation valves.

When it comes to finding a location for the inflation valves, we have notice from our customers that the rear of the truck, near the license plate is a good place. It is out of the way from anything that could damage it and all you have to do is back your truck up to a compressor, fill the air springs up, and then be on your way.

For full installation procedures, each product has an installation manual to download or print. We also feature an installation video of a Firestone 2286 Ride-Rite kit being installed on a Dodge Ram 1500.

No Drill Kits

While selecting your firestone air bag kit, you will notice most of the kits have a No Drill feature. These kits come standard with brackets. The brackets will bolt into holes that already exist on your vehicle’s factory frame. This will eliminate drilling or modification during installation which could damage your vehicle.

Most no drill Firestone suspension air bags are compatible with the B&W fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch. This is due to the preexisting holes that are drilled to match the holes within the frame of your truck. The holes that will mount the air bag kit are mounted on the opposite side of the gooseneck hitch, which will allow for both of them to exist without an issue.

Air Bag Accessories

Looking for Firestone air bag accessories? We offer suspension components to help replace broken or missing parts including pressure switches, air fittings, and replacement air bags.

We offer lift spacers that will mount on the axle and give you different heights that will insure your vehicle operates correctly. The lift spacers will bridge the extra distance created by the lift kit. Please note that lift spacers are only available for the Ride-Rite kits.

Firestone suspension air bags are a manual kit and require you to supply the air to your air springs. With a Firestone on board air compressor, you will get an instant air source. By flipping the switch, the air compressor will adjust your ride for various load and road conditions. We offer standard and heavy duty compressors from Firestone as well as mounting brackets, accessories and components.

To further help you in deciding the right firestone air bags kit for your vehicle, we have Firestone Air Bags reviews and ratings, with a average rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on 565 ratings. Reviews can be seen on their product pages.

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Choosing the right firestone air helper for your vehicle is not always an easy process. Unlike other online shops, our customer support representatives are actual mechanics who are seasoned in fitting, installing, and maintaining truck and SUV helper springs.

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