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What is a Leaf Spring Hanger?

When replacing a leaf spring to your Chevy Blazer or Ford F150, it is important to address the accessories that hold and work with the leaf spring on your vehicle. Such accessories like Leaf Spring Hangers, Bushings and Shackles. These parts play a significant role in the way your leaf spring works. Hangers will provide support to your leaf spring while being an attachment bracket that will mount the shackle of the leaf spring to the frame of your truck in the rear while mounting the spring to the frame in the front.

During time your OEM Leaf Spring Hangers could become rusty or broken. When this happens it is very important to replace it so your suspension performance does not get affected and to prevent any further damage to your leaf spring. All hangers are tough and durable giving you many years of use.

You can find ford hanger and shackle kits on our site as well in order to revamp your entire leaf spring suspension components.

How to Install a Leaf Spring Hanger?

Replacing a leaf spring hanger is rather easy. The leaf spring hanger installation consists of a few simple steps. You will lift your GMC Jimmy or Ford Ranger with a jack and place it onto jack stands. Then you will remove the front leaf spring from the hanger. Grind off the rivets that are holding the hanger and then hammer them out. Once this is done, bolt the leaf spring hanger kit into the frame where the previous rivet holes were. Bolt the leaf spring to the hanger. The tricky part of the installation will be taking the rivets off.

Hangers vs. Shackles

What is the difference between a leaf spring hanger and a leaf spring shackle? Though both are a very important parts of the leaf spring suspension system, they each have a separate job. The hangers will add support and link the leaf springs to your chassis while a leaf spring shackle will allow your leaf springs to change length correctly. Without a shackle, your leaf spring will not be able to flex resulting in your tire loosing contact with the road when hitting a bump. Just like with the Hangers, during time your OEM shackles will become worn out, rusted or will even break. To avoid hazardous driving conditions, it is very important to replace your shackles.

Need Help?

Choosing the right leaf spring hangers and components for your truck or SUV is not always an easy process. Unlike other online shops, our customer support representatives are actual mechanics who are seasoned in fitting, installing, and maintaining truck and SUV leaf springs.

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