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Air Compressors and Accessories

Air Lift Compressors

For maximum convenience and leveling on the go, nothing beats an Air Lift on board air compressor system. Automatic or mounted to the dash, it will quickly adjust your vehicle for changes in road or load conditions. Air Lift compressor sytems are the most advanced in the industry including the wireless air model. Best of all, their compressors work with all brands of air springs.

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Pacbrake Air Compressors

12 VDC and 24 VDC air compressors are intended for filling air tanks for both the on-and off road markets. All compressors have an oil-less design, sealed bearings, PTFE piston ring, copper wire wound permanent magnet motor, a hard anodized aluminum cylinder sleeve and compressor kits are equipped with a check valve to prevent possible motor damage. HP325 SERIES - Our 1/4 HP Pacbrake air compressors have a 33% duty cycle (20 minutes @ 100 psi) and are offered in both 12 and 24 VDC. HP425 SERIES - Our 1/4 HP Pacbrake air compressors have a 50% duty cycle (30 minutes on / 30 minutes off) and are offered 12 VDC.

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Firestone Air Compressors

Firestone air compressor systems provide an instant air source for all air suspension products including Ride-Rite, Sport-Rite, and Coil-Rite. Simply flip a switch and adjust the ride for various load and road conditions. Firestone makes standard and heavy duty compressors, as well as accessories and components to ensure that your ride with Firestone is a smooth one.

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Accessories: Fittings and Union Tees | Air Tanks | Air Line Tubing | Control Panels | Pressure Switches | Lift Spacers

OEM Factory Compressors

Do you have a blown Navigator compressor or a bad solenoid in your factory air compressor setup? We have the replacement compressor parts for you. These compact and lightweight compressors by Arnott feature minimum noise and vibrations while giving you the very best for your vehicle. Arnott Air Compressors come completely assembled and ready to bolt in place of OEM parts.

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VIAIR Compressors

VIAIR air compressors are the perfect solution for taking care of your inflation needs. From Portable to Industrial Grade, VIAIR compressors are engineer to be top quality and to be use with OEM segment. These 12 volt and 24 volt compressors will deliver superior performance, reliability and value to you. Each compressor is backed by a one year warranty.

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Hellwig Air Compressors

Hellwig offers a selection of air compressors to work with your suspension air bags. These 12 volt compressor systems are not only dependable units but powerful. With a flip of a switch, you will control your vehicles ride height from inside the cab of your truck. The three models available are Standard Duty, a more durable Heavy Duty model, and then the preferred kit for hands free load control, the Auto Level System.

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Train Horn Air Compressors by Kleinn

Kleinn Air compressors, air tanks and custom fittings are available for those looking to power their train horn to the fullest of their ability. Individual components that can be used as replacement parts or add-ons are great for customizing your set up and allow for complete customization without sacrificing performance

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Accessories: On-Board Air Systems | Air Tanks | Air Fittings and Accessories

What is an Air Compressor

Once you have installed an air bag suspension kit, you will need to find a source to inflate your air springs. Usually this can be an air compressor that you have at home or one that can be found at a gas station. With an on board air compressor kit you will have an instant source of air to inflate your air springs. By simply flipping a switch in the cab of your truck, you can adjust the ride on the fly if you encounter a certain road condition or want to adjust due to the load you’re hauling. An air compressor is a great supplement to air springs.

If your vehicle comes with a factory air compressor system, you will not need to purchase an aftermarket system. During time you may need to replace the compressor itself. A OEM replacement air compressor from Arnott are light in weight and a powerful solution to replacing your factory air compressor.

What is Included in an Air Compressor Kit

Kits come with a compressor that could be installed in front of your vehicle, near the engine or in a convenient location away from any water or weather elements. When installing an air compressor system onto our vehicle, we installed the compressor underneath our back seats.

A single or dual gauge will install inside the cab and allow you to instantly adjust the ride to compensate the load or road condition, such as the single white gauge from Firestone 2158 (Standard Duty Air Compressor - Level Command II with Single White Gauge). Air Lift offers the WirelessONE compressor system (Model # 25870) which will allow you to adjust your air bags using a wireless remote that has a digital read out of the PSI in your air springs.

Some systems come with an air tank which will store an increase volume of air. Air tanks vary in size, ranging on gallons. Air line tubing, t-fittings and auxiliary hoses round out most accessories found in kits.

Selecting the Right Compressor

So which air compressor system is a perfect add on to your suspension? Firestone, Air Lift and Hellwig offer unique, powerful and durable air compressor systems. From the Coil-Rite to the Wireless Air to the Auto Level, there are many options to choose from. So let’s break down some features.

Standard vs. Heavy Duty Compressor

So you are ready to add an air compressor for your air springs. While searching you came across a kit with a standard or heavy duty compressor. What is the difference between the two? It all boils down to the amount of pressure that both operate at and the volume of air the compressor will move per minute. Take Firestone 2158, this Level Command II with single white gauge kit includes a “Standard Duty” air compressor. Standard duty compressors are ideal for that driver who uses their air springs in moderate usage such as RVing or towing during the weekend whereas heavy duty compressors like Firestone 2097, Heavy Duty Air Compressor, are for drivers who use their air springs frequently. If you were looking at Air Lift Air Compressors, you will notice that their kits also include a standard duty compressor, like Air Lift 25850 and a heavy duty compressor, like Air Lift 25854. The heavy duty compressor are usually recommended for use with motorhome, heavy-duty towing, and commercial trucks.

Wireless vs. Wires

When adding the gauge to the cab of your vehicle, you may have an option for a wireless or in cab gauge. A wireless system like Air Lift 72000 (Wireless Air – Remote Air Compressor System) will give you the ability to adjust your air springs whether you’re inside your vehicle or standing outside. With a wireless system, there will be no lines or wires into the cab. That doesn’t necessary mean a “wire” system is bad. With a wired system like Firestone 2168 (Heavy Duty Air Compressor – Dual Air Command II System w/Dual White Gauge), you will simply install the dual gauge inside the cab and can easily adjust your air springs whenever needed. Whether you need a wireless or wired system, will depend on your personal choice.

Single vs. Dual Gauge

That brings us to the next decision. When selecting your kit, you will notice a single or dual gauge. It is very simple to tell the differences between both. A single gauge, like the one included in Firestone 2097 (Heavy Duty Air Compressor – Level Command I with Single White Gauge) will inflate and deflate one set of air springs. This standard face gauge features a needle to help indicate the air pressure. To inflate or deflate, a simply flip of the switch will do the truck. The gauge in Air Lift 25854 (Analog Control System – Heavy Duty Compressor) is different because instead of a switch, you will push a button to control your air springs.

The dual gauge will inflate and deflate two air springs individually such as the one in Firestone 2219 (Heavy Duty Air Compressor - Dual Electric Air Command II with Dual White Gauge). This is great when you want to level your truck side to side for uneven and top heavy loads.

There are air compressor kits that feature digital gauges, which have a digital screen that will display the pressure of your air springs.

The decision between a single or dual gauge would really be based on how many air suspension systems you have on your vehicle and how you plan to use the suspension kit.

Tank vs. No Tank

What is the function of an Air Tank hooked to an air compressor? Air tanks will help with increasing the rate in which your air springs will inflate by storing compressed air. This will make it convenient to inflate tires and other accessories as well as making inflation of your air springs quicker. Some kits come with the air tank but you can add one to your system.

Looking for a replacement compressor? We have replacement OEM compressors as well as standalone Firestone air compressors. The OEM compressor from Arnott are fully tested and already assembled while the Firestone compressors will help with replacing a broken compressor or upgrading your duty cycle. These compressors are sold without controls and hardware.

To further help you in deciding the right air compressor kit for your vehicle, we have Air Compressors and Accessories reviews and ratings, with a average rating of 4 out of 5 based on 9 ratings.

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