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Available for a wide range of trucks, jeeps and SUVs, Receiver Hitches are the perfect addition to the frame of your vehicle to increase the quality and performance while towing. Available from our selection are B&W Heavy Duty Hitch Receivers as well as the Pro-Series line of receivers. Each manufacturer has it's own unique features with a common goal of providing you with the best towing and hauling solution with room to add on in the future. Curious about receiver hitches and the different manufacturers? Keep on reading or, click on of the links below for a better explanation.

What exactly is a Receiver Hitch?

By definition a Receiver hitch is a device that attaches to the frame of your vehicle in order to aid with towing and hauling. All receiver hitches are built with a rear facing opening that is designed to mount removable accessories such as ball mounts, hitch specific bike racks, cargo carriers and many others.

How are Receiver Hitches Categorized?

Custom built trailer hitches are designed based on the year, make and model of your vehicle as well as manufacturer vehicle weight specifications. The weight specifications are separated by Class ranging from Class I to Class 5, and include different ratings based on normal weight carrying capacity (WC) as well as Carrying Capacity with a weight distribution system (WD). Check out the graph below for a better visual.

How does a receiver hitch operate?

  • First and foremost, The receiver hitch attaches to the frame of the vehicle
  • The receiver tube is then used to harness hitch mounted accessories such as ball mounts and cargo carriers
  • The process comes together by use of a pin-and-clip system, utilizing a j-pin to lock all components and accessories in place.
  • The Ball mount can be used to tow a trailer

Why are Weight Carrying and Weight Distributing Ratings Important?

If the proper weight ratings are not followed, excessive tongue weight will have a negative impact on your vehicle and whatever it is you are trying to tow, this effect is called diving. If your vehicle dives too much, this can be harmful to the rear axle of your vehicle and will damper brake and steering conditions making it much harder to maneuver when you are working with a heavy load.

What Manufacturers offer Receiver Hitches?

As of right now, you can choose from B&W or Pro-Series Receiver Hitches. Both brands offer a complete solution for all of your towing needs and can be purchased for a wide variety of trucks, jeeps and SUVs

Which manufacturer should I choose?

Both receiver manufacturers bring to the table unique features designed to fit your every need. The main difference between the two brands has to do with the GTW rating or Gross Trailer Weight Rating.

Siding with B&W will give you heavy duty receiver hitches rated at a 16,000lb GTW. After installing the receiver hitch you can then branch out to other B&W accessories such as ball mounts and gooseneck hitches.

On the contrary, choosing the pro-series brand may be the right choice for you. Separated by class based on weight capacity, the pro-series trailer receiver hitches are available with either a 2” or 1 ¼” tube openings for a larger variation. Pro-Series Hitches come with a 3 Year Warranty and are shipped with a black, powder coat finish as well as an a-coat base for maximum strength and durability.

Need Help?

Choosing the right Reciever Hitch for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing a reciever for your vehicle, or can't find the one looking for, contact one of our mechanics and they will be more than glad to assist you!

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