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Pro Series Fifth Wheels

Pro Series Fifth Wheels
Towing Made Easy with Pro Series

Pro Series brings to the table the newest and most economically efficient way to tow your trailer, and there's no looking back!

Available from a 15,000lb capacity to 20,000lbs, Pro Series offers their new and improved 5th wheel hitch product line designed for people who want to get their towing and hauling done without having to spend s boatload of money.

What Are My Options?

Pro Series offers two different levels when referring back to their fifth wheels all based upon Gross Trailer Weight Rating (GTW). Inside the product line, you will find 5th wheels rated for 15,000, 16,000 and 20,000 GTW with different attachments including rail kits and sliders.

5th wheels from Pro Series take customization to a new level. 5th wheel components and interchangeable heads are available through Pro Series for maximum security and stability for whatever you are trying to tow. Pro Series wants their customers to gain an economic advantage from using their hitches on top of belong a proper towing solution.

Pro Series offers one of the lowest prices on the market for fifth wheel hitches and each hitch is covered by a 10 year limited warranty great for those who are in it for the long haul.

15K & 16K Fifth Wheels

15-16K 5th Wheel Hitches - These fifth wheels by Pro Series are rated between 15,000 and 16,000lbs respectively and are offered in both a 4-bolt design as well as a 10-bolt. Fifth wheels are not vehicle specific and will list the contents of each product right within the description. A typical 15-16k fifth wheel will include the head, head support, handle kit, legs and a rail kit. If the hitch does not include the rail kit, it will be available as an add-on accessory or as an individual item.

15-16K Hitch Variations:

  • 4-Bolt Design - "Universal" hitch mounting setup
  • 10-Bolt Design - Uses rail kits with a 10-bolt design for a more precise fit, where you need it
  • Single Jaw System - Standard trailer king pin security used by Pro Series to ensure your trailer stays hooked up and responsive regardless of the road conditions
  • Dual Jaw System - Available for certain 15-16K 5th wheels, the ultimate king pin security solution for trailer hookups. Completely surrounds the king pin on both sides to provide you with an excellent connection as well as the strength and durability needed to fight against wear and tear
  • Replacement Head Assembly - Available for 15,000lb and 16,000lb capacity hitches
20K, 22K & 25K Fifth Wheels

20-25K 5th Wheel Hitches - A step up in terms of weight capacity, the 20-25K fifth wheels by Pro Series are rated between 20,000 and 25,000lbs respectively and are offered with a fully floating head and dual jaw system. This setup gives each hitch a full range of motion allowing for extremely simple trailer hookup that can be done by one person. Worried about the removal? The head assembly will come off after removing just two pins and two screws so you can customize the hitch to your liking.

20K, 22K, 25K Hitch Variations:

  • 4-Bolt Design - "Universal" hitch mounting setup just like the 15k-16k option
  • 10-Bolt Design - Precision bolt design also available for the smaller capacity fifth wheels
  • Dual Jaw System - Unlike the 15-16K Series 5th wheels, this is the standard setup for the heavier duty fifth wheels.
  • Replacement Head Assembly - Available for 20,000lb, 22,000lb and 25,000lb capacity hitches
Need Help Deciding?

Choosing the right Pro Series 5th Wheel for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing the right hitch for your vehicle, or can't find the accessory your looking for, contact one of our mechanics.

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