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Mile Marker Winches

What are Mile Marker Winches?

Winches have always been heavy and create sag in the front of your vehicle, putting your suspension at risk. Mile Marker Winches are the lighter solution that will not only give you an industry leading performance winch at an affordable price but you can be guarantee that you'll never get stuck again. Mile Marker Winches feature faster line speeds and a lower amp draw. The Integrated Kill Switch and a No Chrome Construction are some of the amazing features that Mile Marker have created for their winches. These characteristics make the difference compare to other winches that are on the market. The toughest jobs are no match to the Mile Marker Winches.

Why buy Mile Maker Winches?

Mile Marker design philosophy is focus on performance. They pride themselves on bringing out the best line speed on the market and overall construction. Whether you’re looking for a 2,500 pound or an 18,000 pound winch, you can be sure that a Mile Marker winch will get the job done. Winches are available for Heavy Trucks, Truck, SUV and ATV/UTV.

Mile Marker backs all their winches with a two year warranty.

Feature Products from Mile Marker

Mile Marker Winch

For larger trucks and SUVs, Mile Marker Recovery Gear is a plus. This is the best value in recovery and will not leave you stuck while in the woods. Whether you’re looking for a 2,500 pound winch or a 15,000 pound winch, Mile Marker offers electric recovery winches that will take care of any job and any task. These winches are light but keep the horsepower that you are looking for. For ATV’s and UTV’s, Mile Marker features new redesigned winches that boasts top of the line recovery speeds and an all new braking line system. These winches feature 300 amps rated solenoid that will give you the most duty cycle on these small winches. Perfect for your Jeep Wrangler or your Toyota truck or your Honda ATV, these Mile Marker Winches will give you the power, strength, speed and durability.

Mile Marker Winch

Mile Maker introduces the Element Seal Winches (ES) which takes the winch that performs well and seals them up from all the elements. Once installed on your vehicle, winches spend most of their lifetime sitting on your vehicle and being vulnerable to different elements that can cause rust and corrosion. Project ES winches have 19 watertight seals that will help with preventing harmful elements to your winch. Using a Multi-Mount Solenoid, these winches are marine graded and weatherproof.

Need Help Deciding?

Choosing the right Winches for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing a winch for your vehicle, or can't find the kit your looking for, contact one of our mechanics.

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