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Too Loud? Too Bad!

That is the motto from Kleinn Automotive when it comes to their Air and Train Horn Kits. All Pro Blaster compact air horn kits will produce a blast of sound that will keep your ears ringing and let everyone know that you are coming.

To help make all the guesswork of putting together a kit a lot easier, Kleinn offers their Pro Blaster compact air & train horn kits. All kits come complete with an air compressor and air tank that will not only help power the horns but will also give you more blast time. As for the horns themselves, kits like the HK1, HK2 and HK5 will come with dual horns that will range from 6.5” to 16.75” in length and will either come in chrome or XCR2.0 (Xtreme Corrosion Resistant Black). Kits like HK3, HK4, HK6 and HK8 will come with quad or triple horns that range from 7" to 17.5" in length and will also feature either a chrome or XCR2.0 finish.

The HK7 will come with the Beast Model 230 black ABS triple train horn which is not only louder but the nastier train horn on the market. But it does not end there, the HK9 will come with the Demon Model 730 massive and detachable XCR 2.0 spun steel trumpets. This is the loudest, largest and most aggressive train horn and is meant for the clinically insane.

Air Horn or Train Horn?

So what does an air horn sound like? To basically describe the sound of an air horn you can look towards the sound a fire truck or an ambulance makes but only louder. That is what you will get with a Kleinn air horn kit.

How realistic and authentic are the train horn sounds from the sound of a real train? Very realistic as all Kleinn Automotive train horns will sound like a real train. The only exception is the HK5 which will come close to the sound of a train but because it is a dual tone instead of the three tone, it will not be as authentic as the others.

NOTE: It is recommended that you are responsible when using the air horns due to them being insanely loud and to keep them out of reach of children. These horns are not for the faint-hearted so if you have sensitive ears or low pain threshold, do not get these horns.

Kleinn Air Horn & Train Horn FAQ

Q: I was wondering which air horn from Kleinn is the loudest?
A: If you are looking for the loudest air horn then we recommend going with HK7 or HK8 which are train horns. Between both of them, the output is about 153-154 db at 150 psi.

Q: Where should I mount my Kleinn air horn?
A: When it comes to mounting the air horns, some vehicles will allow you to mount them under the hood or behind the grill of your truck. Most customers however will install the air horns underneath the vehicle on a body rail. No matter where, the air horns should be angled slightly downward. This will help keep excess water to drip out of the trumpets. If you are using the sealed compressors you can mount them underneath the vehicle on the body rail. The compressor can’t be mounted upside down while the remote intake filter should be in a place where it will be clean and dry.

Q: I was wondering what the difference was between the compact air horns and big train horns?
A: When it comes to sound, all of the air horns will be in the same db output range which is between 146-154 db. Larger train horns will of course be a lot louder but due to the smaller and narrower trumpets, the smaller air horns will provide a higher pitch.

Q: Does each kit come with a compressor?
A: Yes, each kit will come with a compressor and an air tank. You will need an air compressor and an air tank in order for your air horns to work.

Q: What is the difference between Chrome and XCR2.0 Horns?
A: The XCR2.0 is a heavy duty, baked on semi-gloss black finish. This will help protect your horns against moisture, UV and salt penetration. The XCR2.0 was designed for vehicles that will withstand the harshest environments including snow, road grim, etc. Chrome horns are still among the best in the world but the XCR2.0 is a bonus upgrade.

Can't Find It?

Choosing the right Kleinn Automotive Air and Train Horn for your truck or SUV is not always an easy process. Unlike other online shops, our customer support representatives are actual mechanics who are seasoned in fitting, installing, and maintaining Air and Train horns.

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