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Leaf Spring Shackles

oem replacement shackles
What is a Spring Shackle and What Does a Shackle Do?

Shackles or leaf spring shackles are found within a leaf spring suspension system on trucks, suvs, vans, and cars.

Shackles play an essential part in making sure leaf handle length changes correctly. Shackles are located between the spring and the hanger which is attached to the frame on one end (usually rear), to allow for movement, while the other end of the leaf spring (usually front) stays mounted to the chassis and cannot move.

Without a shackle's help, the vehicles leaf spring would not be able to flex and if you were to hit a bump the tire would lose contact with the surface of the road instead of being able to adapt and remain steady. There are many different features when dealing with replacement leaf spring shackles. Purchasing longer or shorter shackles can have it benefits as well, longer shackles allow for greater lift height as well as a substantial amount of ground clearance, whereas shorter will be a lowering shackle.

OEM shackles do not last forever. Over time, shackles can become worn out, rusted or even break apart causing more undesired movement and affecting handling. Replace your worn out shackles to avoid dangerous situations for you as well as others on the road while reaping the benefits of a more stable and secure ride.

Worried About Installing Your Shackles Incorrectly? We'll make it easy for you. Follow the steps below and have your shackles installed and secured in no time.

How to Install or Replace Leaf Spring Shackles

  1. Using a floor jack, raise the rear differential of your vehicle off the ground, Use jack stands under the frame to support the vehicle
  2. Lower the jack so that the suspension "droops", this will take the weight of the vehicle off the shackle and allow for removal of the mounting bolts
  3. Remove the lower mounting bolt from the shackle and spring and then lower the axle so that the spring drops out of the shackle
  4. Remove the upper mounting bolt which attaches the shackle to the mount on the frame then remove the existing shackle
  5. Insert the new shackle and mounting bolt.
  6. Leave the bolt loose to allow alignment of the shackle with the spring
  7. Raise the rear axle and align the spring eye with the shackle. Slowly work the spring back into the shackle, raising the jack a little at a time until the holes in the shackle and the spring eye line up.
  8. Install the mounting bolts through the shackle and the spring. Make sure to tighten accordingly
  9. Jack up the car to remove the jack stands then lower the vehicle back down
  10. Make sure the bolts stay tightened with weight on them

Need Lowering Shackles?

We also carry shackles for lowering your truck. Change the look and stance of your vehicle by dropping it with some Performance Accessories Lowering Shackles. Easy installation on any compact or full size pickup.

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