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Hellwig Helper Springs vs. SuperSprings

When truck or SUV owners tow or haul with their vehicle it is common to experience some sagging and swaying when loaded. As long as the load on your vehicle is under your payload and GVWR and your springs are in good shape you can add on a set of helpers to increase your level load capacity. These install easily and work by using tension to keep your springs from flattening under load with causes sagging, swaying and bottoming out, as well as adding stress to your suspension. The two main contenders when it comes to overleaf helper springs are Hellwig and SuperSprings. Which one is the right choice? Lets take a look at some of the deciding factors.

Level Load Support:Up to 5,000 lbs.Up to 3,500 lbs.
Cost:From $314.95 - $516.95From $53.95 - $354.65
Time of Install:1 Hour1-2 Hours
Self Adjustability:YesYes for Constant & Progressive
Manual Adjustability:Adjust the ShackleAdjust the U-Bolts
Ease of Use

Once the Hellwig Helper Springs are installed they will require little to no maintenance, depending on which model of helpers are used. Hellwig has two types of helper springs, constant rate springs (EZ-990, EZ-550 and EZ-1000), and progressive springs (LP-15, LP-25, LP-35) and the Pro Series (Silent Ride). The constant rate springs will attach and then provide you with the same load capacity all of the time; this can be adjusted to a point by tweaking the tension on the U-bolts. With the progressive models the helper will attach above the spring and will not start to work until a load is added to the vehicle. The springs will then automatically start to work providing the proper amount of load support needed for the current weight in the vehicle. These types of helpers require no adjustments after installation.

All of the SuperSprings models work on a patented roller system. This system attaches to the spring using shackles and allows the helpers to automatically engage when under pressure. These do not have to be adjusted after installation and will require no maintenance. This makes the SuperSprings easy to use, you just add load and they start to work, they will adjust themselves to the amount of weight in the vehicle.


Installing Hellwig Helper Springs can be done quickly and painlessly. You will simply need to raise up the vehicle, align the helper with the leaf spring and attach the U-bolts around the helper and the spring with included crossbars. Once the springs are installed you can adjust the tension of the spring by increasing or decreasing the nut on the end of the U-Bolt.

When installing SuperSprings you will raise the vehicle, align the helper with your leaf spring and then attach the Shackle around the leaf. The shackle works with a roller so it will automatically engage under pressure. The shackles will have 2 bolt holes, attaching the helper with the roller through the closest hole will create more tension and the spring will engage sooner. If you want to keep your unloaded ride closer to factory you can attach the SuperSprings using the furthest bolt hole.

Loaded and Unloaded Ride

With the addition of helper springs people are often concerned about how the vehicle will handle when unloaded. If the vehicle that you tow with is also being used as an everyday driver you want to be sure not to compromise your unloaded ride integrity. With Hellwigs the constant rate springs may stiffen the ride up slightly when driving with no weight in the bed. Using the nuts on the U-bolts around the helper you can loosen the tension slightly when unloaded to compensate for this stiffness. Since the progressive models adjust to the weight in the bed, this will not be an issue and the ride will remain unaffected.

With SuperSprings you do not have to worry about having an uncomfortable unloaded ride. The roller system allows the helper to adjust to the amount of pressure the suspension is under. When unloaded the helper remains inactive so you can drive in comfort. Once weight is added and the helper engages it will provide the right amount of lift and support keeping your suspension intact and reducing the chances of bottoming out and sway.

Weight Capacities

Hellwig are available in different models and series that will provide varying levels of load support. The EZ-990 gives you 2000lbs, the EZ-550 will give you 550lbs and the EZ-1000 will provide up to 1000lbs of load leveling capacity. For the progressive versions the LP-15 gives 1500lbs, LP-25 will give you 2500lbs, the LP-35 will give you 3500lbs and the Silent Ride Pro Series has a level load capacity of 2500lbs.

Super Springs come in “Regular Loading” and “Heavy Loading” models. These models range from 2000lbs to 5000lbs and availability and weight capacity will vary based on make and model of the vehicle. There is usually an option between the different load capacities for each vehicle. This will ensure that you can find the perfect SuperSprings to fit your load carrying needs.


Both SuperSprings and Hellwig Helper Springs are viable options for load support. They each have unique qualities that may fit your needs better, so they both deserve equal consideration when trying to decide on the best load support option for you.

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