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Toyota Leaf Springs

Whether you own a Toyota Pickup, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, T100, Tacoma or Tundra we have replacement leaf springs readily available to ship for you from a warehouse closest to you. If your factory leaf springs are cracked/ broken, or you are experiencing sluggish performance and sagging in the rear of your Toyota, replacing your factory original leaf springs with OEM equivalent springs is the first step toward a full suspension solution. Popular spring replacements include Model 90-297HD the 3/1 Rear Leaf Spring for the 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma. This replacement spring fits on the left or the right side and can be classified as a heavy duty spring as it offers 1,650 lbs of load support.

As a general rule of thumb, when you replace something as vital as suspension leaf springs in your Toyota Truck/SUV you should always look to replace the u-bolts to go along with the springs. The reasoning behind this is for additional safety and stability throughout your Toyota and without proper U-bolts the leaf springs will not sit right in on your chassis. We offer custom bent u-bolts that can be made to fit specific measurements.

The list does not stop there.

Other suspension components in your Toyota share equal contributions to the everyday wear and tear on your suspension system. Luckily for you, we are here to help and always aim to make sure we over you the best possible solution for your safety both on and off the road.

Choose to add on u-bolts by measurement, and Toyota sway bars to further amplify the performance and stability of your Toyota Pickup/SUV and notice the difference in your OEM quality springs immediately.

Toyota Leaf Springs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need custom bent u-bolts for my Toyota Tacoma?
A: No. There are certain springs that offer replacement u-bolts as an add-on to your order. We do however; always recommend replacing your u-bolts when installing new leaf springs. Doing this will help the stability of your Toyota’s suspension resulting in balanced, more optimal ride quality.

Q: Does model 90-297 the Toyota Tacoma Leaf Spring fit the left side too?
A: No, these springs are orientation specific. The leaf spring product title will note if the spring will fit on both sides of your Toyota.

Q: My 4Runner gets a lot of use and I feel like it doesn’t sit evenly. How will replacing the leaf springs help me?
A: Replacing the leaf springs on your Toyota 4Runner will help your vehicle get back up to stock ride height. The reason behind this happening to your Toyota is simple. Your factory/current springs are worn out and are unable to support the weight of your vehicle. By replacing the leaf spring entirely you eliminate further problems within the spring pack and should be up and running as good as new. Don’t forget to look into replacing your u-bolts, shocks and hanger/shackle kit also mainly because every piece of your Toyota 4Runner’s suspension system works together and plays a vital role in quality vehicle operation.

Need Help Measuring?

Choosing the right leaf spring for your Toyota Tacoma, T100, or 4Runner is not always an easy process. Unlike other online shops, our customer support representatives are actual mechanics who are seasoned in fitting, installing, and maintaining truck and SUV leaf springs.

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