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Air Lift Air Bags

Air Bags - Air Lift
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Air Lift

Air adjust ability makes the difference. Steel factory suspensions must find some type of happy ground between ride comfort and load hauling capacity. The problem with solving problems with steel springs is that smooth riding suspensions have trouble with heavy loads, and heavy duty springs ride rough. With Air Lift adjustable air springs, you can have the best of both worlds and solve your suspension problems by tuning your air bags to handle all load and road conditions. To give the air helper springs more support while towing or hauling, increase the air pressure, and then remove the air for a softer ride while your vehicle is unloaded.

Some of the common load and hauling problems and air lift air spring can solve are…

Suspension Sag - By adjusting the air helper springs to accept the tongue weight of the trailer, proper weight distribution to all tires can improve steering, braking, and tire wear. This process becomes increasingly important while towing.

Rough Ride - With Air Lift's progressive spring rate, and adjustable air spring design, a smooth ride is provided while the springs absorb bumps, keeping the vehicle on the road for better handling as well.

Bottoming Out - Air Lift air springs can also help with the ride height problems you may experience while towing. Many times, when hauling or towing, your vehicle may sink, or bottom out, providing an unlevel riding condition. Air Lift springs can be used to restore a normal ride height, reducing wear on your suspension and eliminating the crashing and bottoming out on bumps and holes.

Sway and Body Roll - If you are looking for a safer, sturdier, and more comfortable ride, Air Lift air springs are the solution. When you are towing your camper, trailer, or boat you can use the air springs to precisely adjust vehicle height and load support, allowing for exact alignment and eliminating trailer sway. The air helper springs increase spring rate, support, and vastly improve vehicle stability, while virtually eliminating roll and sway.

Headlight Aim - The only way you have proper headlight aiming for safety is by having a level vehicle. The stability that will be provided by an Air Lift air helper spring, will make for a level vehicle and safe driving at night.

Load Lifter 5000 Air Bag Helper Springs by Air Lift

Load Lifter 5000 Air Bags

Load Lifter 5000 kits handle large loads with full-time load support. Used for frequently loaded truck and van applications, these air bags have a load support of 5,000 lbs. leveling capacity. These fully adjustable air helper springs will keep your vehicle level throughout your ride, improve safety, and give you an overall improved ride, loaded or unloaded. Load Lifter 5000 kits are commonly used for many pickups and vans that are hauling and towing. The rear kits are also often installed in Class A, B, and C motor homes, as well as commercial trucks, ambulances, construction vehicles, and other severely loaded applications.

Ride Control Air Bag Helper Springs by Air Lift

Ride Control 59500 Air Bags

To have your suspension provide a more comfortable, smooth, soft ride is rarely a problem when you are unloaded or lightly loaded. However, many of today's vehicles do not have suspensions that are prepared to handle towing or hauling, and the ride suffers. This is why Air Lift Ride Control 59500 was invented. Ride Control kits will fit many of our customers most popular vehicles that have leaf springs. These kits will support up to 2,000 lbs. of leveling capacity and are perfect for many pickups, vans, and SUVs alike. All Ride Control kits come with an exclusive alignment tool to guarentee a smooth and level ride.

Air Lift 1000 Air Bag Helper Springs by Air Lift

Air Lift 1000 Air Bags

Have a vehicle with coil springs? The Air Lift 1000 is an adjustable air helper spring engineered specifically for coil spring suspension, front or rear. The adjustable air springs will allow you to fine tune the compression in the springs, allowing for articulation to get the exact ride that you desire, whether you are towing, hauling, loaded, or unloaded. The Air Lift 1000 will give up to 1,000 lbs. of leveling capacity. The tough molded polyurethane air helpers will add support to rear springs, front springs, replace OEM P-30 motorhome springs, or add additional support to the front end of your truck for a plow, winch, etc. Vehicles with coils are sure to feel improved ride and load support after installing the Air Lift 1000.

Air Lift 1000 Universal Air Bag Kits

Air Lift 1000 Universal Air Bag Kits

Thanks to the newest addition from Air Lift, you can achieve the proper air bag load support to fit inside your coils just by knowing two measurements. Each universal air bag kit will offer up to 1,000 lbs of load support and will fit within your suspension based on the proper measurements of Minimum Diameter and Maximum Length. All of the necessary components will be included with each kit and installation can be done in under 2 hours.

Air Lift Suspension Air Bag Accessories

Looking for a replacement spring for your Load Lifter 5000 or Air Lift 1000 kit? We offer replacement Bellows bags, sleeve bags and cylinders. All bags are manufacture to the highest standards and are sold individually.

If you have a lift kit already on your vehicle, you can still add an Air Lift air bag kit. Just add an Air Lift Lock-N-Lift Air Spring Spacer Kit. The spacers will go between the mounting brackets and the air springs. This will fill the space between your air springs and the lifted suspension.

Air Lift Air Bags FAQ

Q: If I add air springs to my truck, will the air springs increase my vehicle’s Weight Rating?
A:The answer is No. By adding Air Lift suspension bags to your vehicle, you will not affect or change the Weight Rating on the vehicle. Air Lift air springs will only increase the ability for your suspension to support heavy loads. To avoid damage to your air springs, it is recommended to never exceed your Gross Vehicle Weight when inflating.

Q: Is there an add-on to help inflate my air springs?
A: The answer is Yes. We offer Air Lift on-board air compressors that will allow you to adjust your air springs on the go. No more searching for a service station or pulling over to inflate your air springs. With an Air Lift on-board air compressor you will get an instant air source, no matter the road or load condition. All air spring adjustments are automatic and can be done through a control panel.

Q: How much pressure should I have in my air springs and should I keep them inflated at all times?
A: It is recommended that you keep your air springs inflated at all times and keep them at minimum of 5 PSI. Even if your vehicle is not loaded, by keeping them inflated you will keep your air springs in shape and prevent them from rubbing or wearing.

Q: What is the warranty on the air springs?
A: Air Lift offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of their air bag kits. If you maintain your air springs properly, you will have full use for many, many years. Be sure to install the air springs properly and check the pressure regularly.

Q: Will the Air Lift air springs raise my vehicle?
A:The answer is No. Air springs are not designed to raise or lower your vehicle. The Air Lift air springs will however prevent your vehicle from sagging below stock height and improve your ride comfort.

Q: I have a factory overload springs on my vehicle. Can I still add air springs?
A:The answer is Yes. Most of Air Lift air bags can be used with overload springs but it is better to get rid of the helper spring. To further help you in deciding the right air lift air bag kit for your vehicle, we have Air Lift Air Bags reviews and ratings, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on 1254 ratings.

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Choosing the right Air Lift air helper spring for your vehicle is not always an easy process. Unlike other online shops, our customer support representatives are actual mechanics who are seasoned in fitting, installing, and maintaining truck and SUV helper springs.

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