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How to Properly Measure a Leaf Spring

Taking an accurate measurement on your leaf spring is very important because leaf springs can be larger and heavy in nature as well as costly to ship back and forth. Not to mention the downtime on your vehicle. So it is very important to properly measure your leaf spring. Remember, Measure Twice, Order Once.

Main Leaf Length:

While going along the leaf surface, measure from the center of the eye (A) to the center pin (C). Repeat this on the other side. Center of the eye (B) to the center pin (C).

Width of the Spring:

Next, measure the width of the leaf spring (A to B). This is done simply by measuring along the center of the top leaf. It is common for a spring widths to be a 2 1/2” or 3”. Older trucks can get 2 1/4”.

Amount of Leaves in the Spring:

Count the amount of leafs that are in the spring. Count from top to bottom, including the rebound leaf which is located at the bottom. The diagram below shows 3 leaves (colored green) and 1 Rebound leaf (colored red). This would be a 3/1 Leaf Pack.

The Rebound leaf is a short, thicker, flat leaf that gives the rest of the upper leafs to rebound off of. When measuring the length of the leaf spring, it is very important to go along the leaf surface. If you stretch a little or out you will get a different measurement.

That’s it! Now you have an accurate measurement on your leaf spring. If you need assistant with measuring your leaf spring or help with identifying your spring, call us at 1-877-774-6473.

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