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Fabtech Suspension Lift Kits

Built from the ground up in 1989, Fabtech Motorsports began with a common goal of providing quality suspension components for the off-road community. The Fabtech crew uses top of the line materials and fabrication equipment to put together the newest and most innovative shocks as well as lift kits for the popular trucks and SUVs.

Departments are split up at Fabtech headquarters to allow for the proper research and development to make sure that the proper components are made available.

Basic Lift Systems - The Basic lift kit option offered by fabtech will differ based on vehicle specifications, but for the most part come with either performance shocks or dirt logic shocks and the rest of the equipment needed to get your truck to the desired lift amount, as well as retain factory load carrying capacity.

Performance Lift Systems - The Performance lift kits offered by Fabtech are the next step up from the basic kits. One of the biggest differences between the two selections is that the performance kits give you the option to go with Dirt Logic Coilovers and many of the basic kits do not have this option.

4Link Systems - The 4 Link systems by Fabtech utilize a solid drive axle and high quality coil springs for maximum durability and performance. The 4-link arms run parallel from the axle housing, mounting to pivot points on the frame. In order for optimal 4link performance, a track bar will be included to keep the axle centered and secured

Radius Arm Systems (RAS) - The RAS Kits by Fabtech bring to the table a solid drive axle with custom built radius arms for essential positioning of the axle and coil springs to support the vehicle's weight. The front of the radius arms are attached to the axle housing and mount to a single pivot point on the frame.

Dirt Logic vs. Performance Shocks: Which is Right for You?

Shocks play a vital role in ensuring the suspension system within your truck functions properly. Fabtech offers kit with either Dirt Logic or Performance shocks to make sure that they cater to every kind of driver from the every day grinder to the rock crawling offroad specialist.

Which shocks are the right fit for you? Keep reading for more information regarding each shock absorbing option.

Performance Shocks - Ideal for the truck enthusiast who wants the luxury of a fabtech lift kit and strives for superior ride control. Performance Shocks are built with a 9-stage valving system in order to maximize dampening capability. Each Performance shock include a closed cell insert to reduce shock fade when traveling at higher velocity.


  • Hydraulic Twin Tube Built
  • 9/16" Chrome Piston Rod
  • 1 3/8" Piston
  • 9 Staged Valving to Maximize Dampening
  • Closed Cell Foam Insert

Dirt Logic Shocks - The perfect solution for truck enthusiasts looking for a balance between a comfortable highway ride and beastly off-roading performance. Dirt Logic shocks sport a large in diameter, monotube design great for lifted and OE applications.


  • 2.25" Steel Body
  • 2.0" OD Billet Aluminum Piston
  • 7/8" OD Hardened Piston Rod
  • Polyurethane Mounting Ends
  • 9 Staged Valving to Maximize Dampening
  • Black Anodized Finish

Fabtech Frequently Asked Questions with SD Truck Springs

Q: Why should I purchase a Fabtech Lift Kit over other suspension systems ?
A: Fabtech Motorsports manufactures each kit component with top of the line, laser cutting technology. Each Kit is created to fit a specific vehicle by people who love to test the limits. After installing a Fabtech Kit onto your vehicle, you will feel secure without tampering with that precious ride quality.

Q: What type of warranty does Fabtech have to offer?
A: On most lift kits, Fabtech offers the "Five Sixty Powertrain Warranty". This warranty works through Fabtech themselves and covers a 5 year and 60,000 mile span.

Q: Do all lift systems by Fabtech come with shocks ?
A: Only some of them, If a lift kit includes Fabtech shocks on top of all of the other components they will be listed within the title.

Need Help?

Choosing the right Fabtech Lift Kit for your vehicle can be confusing at times. If you need help choosing a suspension kit for your vehicle, or can't find the kit your looking for with the desired lift height, contact one of our mechanics and they will be more than glad to assist you!

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